Every year, the SGA elections captivate (or annoy, depending upon who you ask) the student body, with one candidate eventually out-spending the others and coming away with the Presidency. Afterwards, we all go back to ignoring SGA and occasionally complaining about it when something wrong goes un-righted.
So what exactly is our Student Government Association up to now? Something either patently creepy or hilariously ironic — webcams in the gym.
That’s right — in a move that could only have been made by someone like our creepy uncle Todd, SGA senators Nathan Zipper and Brooke Smith introduced a bill to install webcams in the TRECS. The bill was tabled at the last meeting, possibly because everyone started feeling dirty.
Of course, we’re joking. The bill states that since the TRECS is often crowded, a webcam could help students decide whether or not to go work out.
Still, it’s mighty unsettling. If you’ve ever seen any of the Beacon editorial staff, you’d know that taping our squat thrusts is probably illegal.
Let’s ignore that for a minute and consider getting on to the computer to decide if you want to work out. Working out takes routine. It takes a constant commitment to personal health and well-being. That’s why no one from our office does it.
Irregularly checking the Internet to decide if it’s worth going down to the gym kills the whole regularity thing. In addition, the whole deal just sounds lazy. You want to be buff and/or foxy? Put down the burrito and go down to the gym. If it’s crowded, go running or play with one of those enormous rubber balls. There’s got to be something healthy about that.
People already feel insecure about their bodies, and knowing that some sweatpants-clad drywall installer from Crossville could be watching won’t help people want to go work out.
Thanks for the hard work SGA, but if you wanted us to laugh and feel weirded out at the same time, you could have just used funds to buy a Richard Simmons video.