As if nightclubs and music venues weren't already scarce, the Valarium and CiderHouse will be closing their doors Nov. 25.

Needless to say, UT students are shocked at the news, and not in a good way.

Most students will say that music venues in Knoxville are few and far between, at least on a large scale like the Valarium. The appeal of nightclubs and music venues is irresistible to students, making the Valarium and CiderHouse two of the premier go-to places for students who are into metal and rock-style music. Amelia Hammons, undecided freshman, is one example of a surprised student who loved the music played there.

"There's no real place to see the same kind of music the Valarium had to offer," Hammons said. "It was more than just a venue to the people that went there regularly."

Other students just view the Valarium and CiderHouse closing as nonchalant personally, but still see it as a loss for students. One representation of this is Katie Digangi, junior in English.

"It is one less venue in Knoxville. So it will affect the music scene around campus, I suppose," Digangi said. "I only went to a couple of shows though. I think the last show I went to at the Valarium was John Butler."

Maybe there is more to the story than just a closing venue. Perhaps music tastes will change or vary more considering the fact that other venues like the Bijou and Tennessee Theatre don't host the same types of music that the Valarium has provided. Hammons weighed in, saying, "It is a shame we are losing another venue in Knoxville because there are only a few left as it is."

"NV probably will be a place I'll go (to) more often now, along with wherever the 'Midnight Voyage' ends up going," Hammons said.

The "Midnight Voyage" is a live music extravaganza at the CiderHouse that showcases a myriad of beats from local DJs and producers.

Nightclubs such as NV will certainly get more attention from students now that it will have less competition. Students are always looking for more venues to go to, and this will only increase that search.

Overall, though students are sad and disappointed right now with the news of the Valarium and CiderHouse closing, they will find other venues that provide the entertainment they want and need. Alternatives that students are already contemplating are the aforementioned Bijou and Tennessee Theatre, NV, as well as The Crown and Goose, Preservation Pub and Tin Roof.

"After all of the hype is over it won't be a huge loss," Digangi said. "There are always venues coming and going, and this is no exception."