With Thanksgiving coming up, students may ponder what they're thankful for. Things that may come to mind could be family, Vol card money, and a high grade point average.

But what about water?

"Something that is like air to us is a luxury to other people," Miranda Jones, senior in English and member of the Wine to Water group on campus, said. "A lot of people have never even heard of global water shortages. It's not something in our day-to-day lives because water is so easy for us to reach."

The UT Chapter of Wine to Water is hosting "Blue Day Friday" to raise awareness about water scarcity in developing nations. Students are encouraged to wear something blue, whether that be a shirt, scarf or even a hat. They are also asking students to pin a piece of paper to their shirt with the words "why blue" on it in support of "Blue Day."

"It will help to raise awareness for the world water crisis, and hopefully get other people to want to be involved," Cassandra Shepard, junior in business, said.

Wine to Water is an organization that focuses on providing clean water to people in developing nations. The organization builds wells in nations without easy access to water so that people can spend less time and energy gathering water from wells that may be hours away.

"Over one billion people on our planet lack easy access to clean water, and that is terrible if you think how easy it is for us to turn on a faucet anywhere. There is always water around us," Jones said.

Wine to Water has reached over one hundred thousand people and built wells in 12 different countries that lack access to clean water. Countries such as Sudan, Ethiopia, Cambodia and Uganda have benefitted from the organization's work.

Students who are interested in joining Wine to Water can do so by joining the UT Group's Wine to Water Facebook page, or by emailing Miranda Jones at mjone139@utk.edu.

The club will also be hosting a "Wine to Water Charity Gala" on Nov. 27 in the I-House. Free food will be served, student music majors will be performing at the event, and a Wine to Water spokesperson will also be speaking at the free event. Students, faculty and donors are all invited to attend. Anyone who is interested in helping out should invite donors to the event or donate some kind of food dish or beverage for the event.

A table will be set up in the Hodges Library Commons with more information about the Wine to Water group on campus and how to get involved.