Experimental electronic music is unique in that it encompasses a huge range of strange "beeps" and "boops," grinding of the damned, and just about any other conceivable string of strange sounds.

Some of it is good, some of it is bad, and some of it would be considered debauchery in certain religions. Crystal Castles's third album, "(III)," or "Three" to those not acclimated to Greek numerals, is a perfect example of how to take a bunch of noises that would normally cause discomfort and minor bleeding to the ears of people and children with thin ear drums.

The album starts effectively with a slow buildup augmented by various beats, progressing toward an epic climax that leaves the listener in a vast angelic expanse of electronica.

Unfortunately, after a great start, the album doesn't seem to change things up too much. The sometimes angelic, sometimes demonic vocals and resounding bass begin to get a little stale after a while. While the beats and hooks are soothing, the songs themselves start to fade into one another and the listener could be left wondering which song had that one part that sounded like that one other part that was on awhile back.

Apart from slight redundancy, the album keeps the foot tapping all the way through, great for ambient trips through the psyche, but not nefariously the right thing to get adrenaline going. A few great tracks are swept under the rug toward the end of the record.

The album is a nice after-dinner mint of eclectic rhythms and wholly unique samples that is sure to perk the ears of anyone nodding off by that point. After a draining trip through the the undefinable art of music, the album's last track is a slow and sweet lullaby of heavenly rings and an angelic choir. Ultimately, it's an excellent end to a unique, albeit slightly repetitive album. This album is recommended to anyone who enjoys strange little musical gems.