Rihanna's seventh studio album released Nov. 19, "Unapologetic," features 14 brand new tracks from the popular music artist who has sold more than 58 million singles as of this year, making her the highest-selling digital artist in the country.

Sure to cause some controversy in the music industry is Rihanna's song featuring her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. Ever since the Oprah interview in which she revealed she is still in love with Brown, who physically abused her, Rihanna obviously has embraced her rocky past with the rap/pop singer.

The song, named "Nobody's Business," has a fun, upbeat sound to it and the artists' voices complement each other throughout the song. The lyrics are uncanny when considering the debacle that happened between the two musicians; the first line sung by Rihanna is "You'll always be mine, sing it to the world, always be my boy, always be your girl, ain't nobody's business but mine and my baby." The influence of this song was attributed to Michael Jackson through clips of his music in the backbeat. "Nobody's Business" is a cool song that easily explains the difficulties of the past with the two artists.

Following the same path that her "Talk That Talk" album took in 2011, "Unapologetic" mixes different musical aspects and really builds on the characteristics Rihanna fans appreciate. Dubstep influences come out in the song "Right Now." Featuring DJ David Guetta, this song is one of the standouts on the album and most likely to make its way to the radio waves.

"Lost in Paradise," the last track on the new album, revisits Rihanna's roots in popular music and gives fans a classic Rihanna song that won't go unnoticed. With relatable lyrics and a simple yet fun beat, "Lost in Paradise" sounds more like what Rihanna may have released a few years back but still is relevant to her and her sound in music now.

Many of the tracks on the album are dance-influenced ballads that Rihanna fans will appreciate. Since her "Unfaithful" days in the beginning of her career, Rihanna has capitalized on the hip-hop and house music genres and incorporated more interesting qualities in her music. Due mostly to the masterminds working with her on this album, such as The-Dream and StarGate, Rihanna took "Unapologetic" to a level that really opens the door to other genres of music.

At only 24, and already having seven studio albums under her belt, Rihanna has become the queen of popular music. It's almost impossible to turn on a radio or go in a store without hearing one of her songs; Rihanna has established herself as a female pop icon and her title is even stronger with "Unapologetic."

Although her music lacks true originality and genuineness, with the fact that all her songs are written by her and numerous writers and produced by other, more-creative professionals in the industry, Rihanna is obviously doing something right; "Diamonds" is number one on the Billboard 100 chart and the album is set to be her fourth number one on the UK Albums Chart.

Rihanna, through her ever-changing hair color and her racy, promiscuous style, knows how to keep the attention on her — releasing a new album every year since her debut in 2005, she is only keeping the spotlight on her with "Unapologetic." The album's ballads and dubstep songs will without a doubt appeal to fans and probably be played on the radio until the release of her next album.