Kid Rock's ninth album, "Rebel Soul," features his signature themes of American patriotism, hometown pride and the rock 'n' roll lifestyle.

The album's first single, "Let's Ride," is a patriotic song about the lives of soldiers who are, in the words of Kid Rock, "Trained to kill baby, that's what we do/And programmed to bleed red, white and blue."

Kid Rock's hometown pride runs as deep as his patriotism. "Detroit, Michigan" is another hometown tribute, which is common on Kid Rock's albums. The song boasts Michigan's famous legends such as Henry Ford, Aretha Franklin and Eminem. And just in case people from other places need to feel a twinge of their own hometown pride, Kid Rock gives shout outs to other cities such as Memphis, New Orleans and New York City. The song is catchy, but the lyrics are basically just a list of cities and local celebrities, which comes across as a boring version of Kid Rock's previous songs with similar themes.

Breaking away from more wholesome themes, "Rebel Soul" also features songs such as "Cocaine and Gin" and "God Save Rock 'n' Roll" that document the rock 'n' roll lifestyle.

"Cocaine and Gin" is a slow, reflective song about partying and the sorrowful place it can leave you. The lyrics "The cocaine and gin's got me spinnin'/Left in the old lost 'n' found" are telling of the washed-up ends to a fast-paced life.

"God Save Rock 'n' Roll" is a slightly more uplifting rock 'n' roll song about a man who went from touring the nation in a second-hand van to having a garage filled with Cadillac DeVilles.

Most of the album has a country-rock feel, a major change from the rap influences he used in his early days as an artist. Some songs do mix genres though, such as "The Mirror," which is a sad, heartfelt song with techno beats.

Kid Rock is a storyteller, honing in on his deep ties to his American roots, but many of his stories have been told and retold on his previous albums. The same topics of partying, traveling and being a "rebel soul" are repetitive, but they're more comfortable than boring. "Rebel Soul" may not be groundbreaking or especially notable, but it's a good, enjoyable album.