Vibrant and spicy Thai curry, pad thai and hand-crafted sushi are now available a mere skip, hop and jump away from Hodges Library. With a multitude of cheap, authentic Thai and Japanese dishes available for dine-in and take-out, Jai Dee Thai and Japanese Cuisine is surely one of the best new options for when exam hunger hits.

Located at 823 Melrose Place between Gus's Good Times Deli and The Golden Roast, Jai Dee is conveniently hidden from the bustle of the Strip while remaining extremely accessible to campus. This combination of location and cheap, authentic cuisine make it a must for any library inhabitant looking to spice up their exam diet this finals season.

Jay Pomance, son of Jai Dee's owner, waiter at the restaurant and UT freshman, said he is excited about the restaurant's location.

"We think it's a really good spot. Obviously being positioned here near campus we want students to come and see us, but we also want to aim at an older crowd, workers from the Strip and people from the downtown area," Pomance said.

Jai Dee opened on Nov. 8, about three weeks before exams. Pomance hopes that an exam rush might let students see what Jai Dee is all about.

"We want people to know that we are both a family friendly store and a place to eat really good food," he said.

With an extremely dense menu, he said he feels the food speaks for itself.

"I haven't really eaten Thai food around town, but that goes for everywhere I've lived. I have always eaten my family's cooking. I don't mean to brag but I have my father's food and it's so good," Pomance said.

Even to serious foodies, Jai Dee's menu is extensive. The menu's Thai section offers nine stir-fry options, five Thai curries and seven noodle or fried rice options. On the opposing page, the menu offers a staggering 28 different sushi rolls, not including eight temaki rolls, 17 appetizers, five soups and five desserts.

As far as recommendations go, Pomance does have a few favorite dishes.

"From the Thai options, my favorite item is the pad thai, and from the sushi we have our Jai Dee roll which is something of my fathers creation," he said.

With heaping Thai options that are complex, spicy and roundly satisfying, and sushi options that are simple, elegant and masterfully crafted, Jai Dee has brought a new, vibrant food culture to campus' doorstep.