Winning the viewer's choice award and the first place grand prize, the Kappa Chi chapter of the Phi Beta Sigma fraternity stepped their way to victory at the the "13th Annual Southeastern Stomp Fest."

"They deserved it," Carlos Jackson, senior in psychology, said.

Phi Beta Sigmas donned bullet-proof vests and electric blue shoes and expended a lot of effort into their performance Saturday night. Their steps included the longest running stomps of all the organizations and loud receiving calls from their sister organization, Zeta Phi Beta.

Other organizations that participated in the event included the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity and the Allure Dance team. After a break, the host brought out representatives from each participanting group.

Paige Parker, sophomore in psychology, said the event was exciting, but she wasn't entirely impressed with its host.

The show was hosted by YouTube personality Spoken Reasons and presented by the Black Cultural Performing Committee. The high energy of the show was also due to the National Pan-Hellenic Council fraternities and sororities.

Spoken Reasons, also known as John Baker, is a rising star who has gained popularity through his YouTube skits and parody songs. His hosting style brought a more lighthearted feel to the show and also crowd appeal. Baker not only introduced upcoming Greek organizations, but held a last minute singing contest for women and best dressed contest for men.

Omega Psi Phi fraternity was showcased with giant '60s afros and white suits complimented with their signature gold boots. They were received with a lot of love from the crowd and visiting alumni.

Members of the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority had a military-themed step. They wore tank tops, army fatigued pants and hot pink tennis shoes. The introduction video recalled a Major Payne-style of lineup and opened with drills.

The Delta Sigma Thetas wowed the crowd with a number of athletic movements and chants, all in leather suits. They accomplished a pyramid with six members and proceeded to jump off and land neatly in a row. The sorority also included theatrics with ladies claiming about stolen mirrors and steps.

Men of the Mu Rho chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi also had military-themed attire. They successfully twirled their canes in synchronization, which was a source of anticipation for many audience members. As soon as they began using two canes decorated with red and white tape, many shouted out two canes, or rather 2kanes, in reference to 2 Chainz, the rapper.

Sydney Jackson, junior in recreation and sport management, said the annual event has improved.

"This year was a lot better than last, and the Sigmas performed well."