As October begins and weather cools in Knoxville, students on campus are making the transition to the 70 degree weather and beginning to dress warmer for the current autumn season and upcoming winter.

The fall/winter fashion trends that designers released during Fashion Month in February slowly but surely made their way into local stores readily available to students on campus.

"I love the autumn colors like burnt orange and mustard yellow," Henal Majethia, freshman in communications, said. "Pieces in those colors against plain clothes add pops of color to any outfit."

Dorian Hudson, senior in retail and consumer science and vice president of marketing and advertising at the POSE fashion club, described his style as edgy without going overboard. Hudson, who promotes the club and handles its social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter, said it's easy to transition from summer dress to warmer fall clothes.

"What a lot of people don't realize is that some of your summer and spring stuff can be worn in fall if you do it right," Hudson said. "Wear a T-shirt and jeans and put a cardigan or a light jacket on, and as it gets warmer you can take that off because if you wear a sweater you're just hot out there."

Bryce Boyd Barry, freshman in wildlife and fisheries science, prefers dressing for the autumn and winter seasons as opposed to spring and summer. Describing his style as classic and polished, Barry wears cardigans during the fall, saying they are stylish and comfortable.

"I'm kind of obsessed with cardigans," Barry said. "They're cute and you can wear them with anything, they're so major."

Majethia, who described her style as preppy, said that she looks forward to wearing boots and scarves and purchasing mostly accessory items, as opposed to clothes.

"I like to show my style through the accessories I have because I think that they are what make an outfit and put it (all) together," Majethia said. "People generally notice accessories more than jeans and T-shirts."

Autumn trends revolving around standout accessories and layers, which were seen on the runway, can easily transcend into girls' style, but not for boys. Barry said with the weather being fair, it is harder for boys to incorporate trends into the way they dress.

"There are not a lot of options for us," Barry said. "Girls show their purses and their jewelry and stuff, whereas guys show more of their fall style through cardigans and jackets and shoes."

Hudson, who says Knoxville is not edgy but rather composed in style, believes that in order to make a smooth transition from summer to fall, it's necessary to accessorize, even for boys. Hudson said he recently purchased a zippered necklace.

"You can still accent with it and still make it masculine and it still looks pretty cool," Hudson said.

Majethia, who shops at the apparel store Forever 21, says that she looks forward to the colder weather not only because she won't get sweaty while walking to class, but also to see how other girls dress as the climate cools.

"I like it when girls wear slouchy sweaters, because they show that style and comfort can both be achieved at the same time," Majethia said.

Hudson, who is also a sales associate at Forever 21 in West Town Mall, said that autumn, like spring, is a transitional season that is all about adding on clothes and layering on top of the previous season's shirts and jeans.

"You're interchanging the clothes between the two seasons and adding onto to what you are doing now for fall," Hudson said. "(Forever 21) is always very trendy and you can interchange stuff within the different shops (Heritage 1981, Love 21) within the store so you can mix and match the clothes."

Hudson says that no matter the season, it's important to stay true to one's own personal style.

"Some people like to step out and just be bold when some people like to sit back and be subtle," Hudson said. "Style is all what you make of it."