Love it or hate it, nail art — the trend of decorating fingernails with various designs — has made it to the mainstream.

Many college students use nail art as a way to express their personality and creativity, while others stay away from it due to their future careers, lack of time or general disinterest.

Jessica Karsten, freshman in communications, said that she gets inspired by the nail designs she sees on Pinterest and Tumblr.

"On Pinterest people have their beauty boards, and there have always been makeup and hair photos, but I have noticed that nails are always a part of the boards now," Karsten said.

Andy Mai, the manager of the Nail Care salon at West Town Mall who designs his own nail art for clients, said such social networking sites help to build his clientele.

"Instagram is the newest thing right now," said Mai. "I can post one picture on my Instagram and have a hundred likes, and the next day I'll have ten people come in to the store asking for the same exact design in the photo."
Morgan Henry, junior in kinesiology, said there are more important things in her life than nail art.

"As a kinesiology major I have a lot of interest playing, and I also tend to just break my nails, scratch my nails. I don't pay very much attention to them," Henry said. "I'm not a girly kind of girl, so it's not really something that, financially, I would find to be a good investment."

Emphasizing the fact that colorful and designed nails can be distracting and violate codes in certain work places, Henry said that nail art depends on how a person wants to present themselves professionally.

"My dad has interviewed a lot of people for his job, and he would tell me about girls that just didn't look put together because they tried too hard with the perfume and the nails, and it just actually screams insecurity," Henry said. "You stereotypically see these women just working at the counter, and I guess since that is not the kind of job I am looking for I would much rather be taken very seriously rather than come across as overly feminine so as to be an equal with all my competitors."

Esther Boadi, freshman in microbiology, said that nail art is fun, but can be limited to people with specific careers.

"When you're in the medical field you can't have crazy long nails because they could pose as a distraction at that point," she said. "But I think nail art is very creative. I like showing my nails off and getting a lot of compliments on them."

Mai, who often has clients come in and request styles seen on celebrities such as Beyonce and Rihanna, said that even though he enjoys doing it, nail art is just a trend.

"It's just like fashion, it changes so quickly so the new trends will debut and everyone will forget about the old ones," he said.

Henry said that nail art is not her cup of tea, but she understands that it is situational and dependent on a person's career.

"If you're going into a field that is more focused on fashion, there are times where that is very relevant," Henry said. "One of the reasons that I've always stayed away from it is working through high school I worked in food service, and it's against health codes, but I think that there are times when in the right place it can add to your wardrobe and help out."

Wellington Johnson, freshman in political science, said that from a male perspective, nail art is a way to show creativity, but it can be too much at times.

"As a guy, I don't like nail art," Johnson said. "With something so insignificant on your body you should not have to spend that much time on it, a girl's nails should just be presentable and not go overboard. "

Karsten, who posts her self-done manicures on her Instagram account, said that if she had the time to do her nails more often she would, but homework takes up most of her time.

"If I had the time to paint my nails for two hours I would," she said. "I like nail art because it is fun to create and play around with, but I'm a college student and have homework."

Johnson said that nail art has its advantages, but it also has its limits.

"I can understand when girls use it to show their individuality and be different and creative with their nails," he said. "I just don't understand when their nails are super long and they have chains dangling from them and all, and if girls aren't careful about their nail art it can often get out of hand."