To celebrate the art of writing, students found more than just books in Hodges Library on Monday.

In celebration of the National Day on Writing, a graffiti walk and typewriters were displayed in the Hodges Library Galleria on Monday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., where students could actively participate in writing, typing, drawing or reading.

The National Day on Writing occurs annually on Oct. 20 and is celebrating its fourth year. The National Council of Teachers of English started NDOW and have encouraged universities and other schools to participate.

"It's almost impossible to imagine our lives without writing," said Kirsten Benson, the Interim Director of Composition for the English Department.

"The National Day on Writing is basically here to recognize writing in all its many forms and all its many types and purposes. I think that calling attention to (the) crucial role that writing plays is the whole purpose."

The graffiti walk was spread along the floor of the galleria with phrases, words and even cartoons drawn on the paper. Typewriters were used by students to type out messages that could be displayed on a hanging clothesline or taken with them. A prompt box was also available for students to gather ideas about what to write.

Many students who participated in the event took a particular interest in the old-stock typewriters. Students typed messages on computer paper as well as on postcards featuring an assortment of black and white pictures of people, animals and scenery.

"I had never typed on a typewriter before," Denham Hall, junior in mechanical engineering, said. "I think it's really neat because there's no re-edit. You can't scratch and erase any of this stuff. ... It's a different way to think about writing."

UT's English Department, the Writing Center and also the University Library staff organized the event. They began planning the activities for the National Day on Writing in September and have hosted the event for the past four years. The typewriters were donated by library staff members Tina Bentrup, Helen Galloway and Chris Caldwell.

The National Day on Writing has been celebrated at UT by nearly 300 students and has had a range of different activities each year. For the first year, a poetry slam was featured as well as tables set up for students to write. Last year, student publications and a novel writing group set up tables outside of the library. This year was the first year that students have had access to typewriters.

Student publications such as The Black Sheep, Pursuit, Grist, Phoenix and even The Daily Beacon were available at the event for students to look through, and candy was also available for students to enjoy.

The National Council of Teachers of English has a different theme every year. This year's theme was "What I Write." NCEJ also had a goal to get #whatiwrite and #dayonwriting trending on Twitter.

The English Department and library staff do not yet have plans for next year's activities; however, students can look forward to participating in National Day on Writing again next year.