Cisco Adler returns to his island roots with the release of his debut solo album, "Aloha." Adler previously worked with rapper Shwayze, having released three studio albums with him in the last four years.

Adler is the former frontman of the rock band Whitestarr, having released two albums with the group in 2006 and 2007.

Adler produced and engineered "Aloha" himself through his Malibu-based indie label, Bananabeat Records, over a six month period of time. This pop album blends rock, reggae and hip-hop, making it the perfect island album. With this album, Adler is showing what he can do and what he can produce as a solo artist.

Coming in two parts, Adler released the first six songs of the album as an EP at the beginning of July. The EP featured the songs Adler refers to as the summer jams. The complete album was released for download on Oct. 22.

Adler grew up in Hawaii and Malibu, so being on the beach is just a way of life for him. An album full of summer tunes and island vibes coming from him is not at all a surprise. The album as a whole is meant to get people thinking about the summer they just had.

Aloha not only features Adler as a soloist, but also features several other little known artists such as rapper G-Love, Don Carlos, Mod Sun and Pat Brown.

The album features a nice blend of feel good tunes as well tracks you can dance to. Either way, the songs on this album are the type to turn on for a relaxing day spent with friends or loved ones.

The lead track, "You're a Fool," features G-Love. This feel good track, which fuses touches of reggae into the beat, is about realizing what life is and being happy with what you have in life.

The second track on the album, "Boom Boom Boom," also highlights Adler's reggae influence. Reggae legend Don Carlos creates a very different sort of sound on this track — a sound that audiences may not be familiar with after hearing the more hip-hop side of Adler with Shwayze in past years.

The third track on the album, "Classic," involves pop aspects in the music, while the lyrics deny being any of the genres Adler has put on the album by saying, "This ain't a rap song, baby it's a love song. This ain't love song, baby it's a summer jam. This ain't a summer jam, baby it's a classic."

"Classic" is an upbeat song about a typical summer day on the beach with fun lyrics that are easy to find yourself singing to yourself later in the day.

The tenth track on the album, "You and I," also shows Adler's pop side with an upbeat tune that's easy to move to. This is one of the few love songs on the album with lyrics describing a carefree life with the one you love on the beach.

Adler slows it down with the 11th track, "California in the Winter." The mostly acoustic song describes the unchanging climate of Southern California, creating a constant summer feel while keeping that summer love through the winter months.

Overall, this is a great album with upbeat songs infusing different genres of music to create a unique combination. Anyone should be able to find a song on this album that fits into their music preference, whether it's pop, rock, hip-hop or reggae.

Adler is currently on a cross-country tour with The Expendables and Iration, which will end in Los Angeles on Nov. 9.