Shakespeare fans will love the new production, "Will Power!," which is running at the Clarence Brown Theatre's Lab Theatre.

Directed by UT professor Kate Buckley and put on by undergraduates, it is an anthology of works that will take the audience through a journey of Shakespeare. The production features scenes, monologues and songs, based on excerpts from 19 plays, including: "Hamlet," "Henry V," "MacBeth" and "The Taming of the Shrew."

These excerpts are carefully designed to flow smoothly into each other.

"The scenes, songs and monologues flow based on subject of the material discussed in those selections," said Drew Barksdale, junior in journalism and electronic media and an actor in the performance. "For example, someone will have a monologue talking about revenge and murder, and from there another scene from a completely different play will begin that flows right along with the previous piece."

This arrangement can be attributed to Buckley, the performance's accomplished director.

Buckley has directed numerous plays in her lifetime, including many at UT such as "Moonlight and Magnolias" and

"Charley's Aunt." The six actors in "Will Power!" have also been very involved in theatre.

All kinds of Shakepeare fans can fully enjoy "Will Power!."

"This production is the perfect show to become involved with Shakespeare's's for the novice as well as the experienced," said Robin Conklin, Marketing and Communications Director for the Clarence Brown Theatre.

In fact, Barksdale and the other actors were not exceptionally familiar with Shakepeare's works before "Will Power!."

"I've always appreciated Shakespeare from reading his material in class, but this has been my first experience of truly exploring the world's greatest playwright," Barksdale said.

The show debuts tonight at 7:30 and runs to November 11th. The cost of admission is $5 for UT students, $12 for non-UT students and $15 for adults.

"The most fulfilling part of this experience has been learning to love Shakespeare and jumping into this journey with five of my good friends," Barksdale said. "None of us had incredible amounts of knowledge or experience with him before 'Will Power!,' so we were all going into it with open minds and have collectively learned a great deal along the way. Thanks to Kate and everyone involved with the show; we have come to love Shakespeare and hope everyone will have similar feelings after seeing the show."