This past weekend, Moogfest was held for its third year in a series of venues in downtown Asheville, N.C.

Artists ranging from hip-hop legend, Nas, to the bass-heavy Primus, presented in 3D, took the stages by storm, showing their talent for generating electro-heavy tunes paired with spectacular visuals.

The two-day pre-Halloween festival was full of action, music, synchronized lights and, of course, thousands of costume-clad patrons.

Moogfest is aptly named after Bob Moog, who is considered to be the "godfather" of the synthesizer. Asheville is a trendy town in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains that provides a peaceful looking setting. When the sun went down and night took over, however, the peace abruptly ended as concertgoers flooded the streets.

The five concert halls were spread out evenly throughout downtown, extending from Thomas Wolfe Auditorium to Asheville's Orange Peel, with shows taking place simultaneously.

Each location had a vast array of obscure, traditional and local beers for those who were of age. Asheville's brewing companies were in full promotion, and newcomers got the chance to "taste the town." Local specialty stores and service providers were present as well, setting up tents and signs throughout downtown.

Promoters were happy to put samples in the hands of patrons and receive some much-needed business. Asheville's economy received quite a boost from the swarming audiences.

Students were excited to have the chance to take a mini-vacation to Asheville with the convenient scheduling of concerts on Friday and Saturday evenings.

The lineup was catered for synthesizer fans of all ages, as they had the legendary Morton Subotnick and the evolution of his pioneering in the form of Shpongle, among others.

The success of this year's festival should ensure a repeat for years to come. Anyone who is a fan of out-of-this world, live music should consider and remember the name "Moog." It's great fun.