The I-House, along with the Latin American Student Association, hosted a Mexican food demonstration Tuesday night where visitors learned how to make tostadas.

The event, held in the Great Room, had several tables that were covered with many different ingredients for making the tostadas. These included shredded chicken, refried beans, mozzarella cheese, hard corn tortillas, sour cream, lettuce and tomatoes, which.

Adilene Rodriguez, LASA president and sophomore in Latin American studies, said she hopes the event can bring more attention to Mexican culture on campus.

"I feel like it's not really being represented that well and I feel like there should be more Mexican and just Latin American (events) and I feel like they should be more represented than they actually are," she said.

Traditional Spanish flan was provided as a dessert. Students were given the recipe so they could attempt the Mexican delicacy themselves.

"Nice and simple, straightforward. It was delicious," said Will Doran, graduate student in music.

The flan, which is a type of custard dish, has a sweet and eggy flavor.

"It is a really special desert made mostly for special occasions," Rodrigues said.

"The flan was awesome, (with) sugary eggs what more could you want?" Doran said.

Visitors washed down the dishes with mango water.

"The mango water can be found at your local Walmart in the Mexican section," said Rodriguez.

Doran, an avid chef at home, enjoyed the demonstration.

"I thought it was representative. I know shredded chicken is very Mexican, (like) ... flan and corn tortillas. My wife and I like to cook a lot so this is something very simple we can do ourselves."

This event is one of the many events held in the I-House this week as a part of Mexican Week. LASA has committed to bringing events to UT that express what Latin America is all about.

"The purpose of this event is to demonstrate food that (is) more authentic to Mexican culture" said Rodriguez. "Not like the ones you get at restaurants, so instead of having the hard shells, sour cream and stuff like that on them there (is) ... corn tortilias with cilantro meat and onions on them."

Rodriguez said that she hopes students learn that Mexican food is not scary to tackle in the kitchen.

"(It's) just to ... see that Mexican food is really good I guess, and that not all Mexican food is ... really hard and spic(y), some of it can (actually) be really simple," she said.