For those who are bored with Katy Perry and British boy bands, then singer/songwriter Miguel's racy lyrics and smooth vocal style is just the change needed. Though he has been underrated as an artist, his new album "Kaleidoscope Dream" offers an unbeatable vocal range along with a myriad of catchy tunes centered around sex, love, lust and drugs. If anyone thought that Usher and Christina were the only artists pulling out the sex card this year, they were mistaken. Nearly all of Miguel's songs are pumped with some sort of innuendo. Don't be turned off by the lyrics, though. This crooner has real talent and showcases it in his own unique way.

1. "Adorn"—Heavily equipped with James Brown-like vocals, this song follows the usual pop song theme of love mixed with a little lust ("These lips can't wait to taste your skin, baby"). Miguel has a natural talent that won't be seen or heard in many artists today, and this song is one of the best on the album.

2. "Don't Look Back"—With a narrative about his uncontrollable appetite, this song encompasses bizarrely catchy musical elements.

3. "Use Me"—A hush-tone song charged with sex, sex and more sex, the theme is undeniable as seen in lyrics like, "It's full collision as our bodies tangle, intertwine/Biting your lip/Baby put me inside." Needless to say, this one isn't for the faint of heart.

4. "Do You ..."—Two words best describe this acoustic/hip-hop mixed song: "love" and "drugs." Miguel gets straight to the point with his lyrics and doesn't mask the meaning of his songs, and doesn't need to with a falsetto like his.

5. "Kaleidoscope Dream"—Perhaps the highlight of the entire album, "Kaleidoscope Dream" offers a psychedelic, 1970s vibe. Showcasing vocals reminiscent of Prince, the song is just as intricate instrumentally as vocally. Miguel uses a lyric-repetition to create a chill mood throughout the song. Regardless, the song relishes Miguel's reigning theme of intimacy.

6. "The Thrill"—This retro melody is similar to a specific song by Prince—if you listen, you'll know—due to the guitarinfluence and overall tempo. Regardless of who or what gave Miguel inspiration to write and sing this song, the song is a glossy R&B experience ringing true to its name.

7. "How Many Drinks?"—This upbeat tune maintains the steady fornication theme, but despite the sex talk it contains a sense of vulnerability ("You look good, we came to party/But I don't wanna waste my time").

8. "Where's the Fun in Forever"—paired with Alicia Keys, Miguel takes "Where's The Fun In Forever" into the realm of inspirational songs, stepping away from a sexual theme. The chorus singing in the background adds a gospel-feel and stirs up raw emotion.

9. "Arch & Point"—Miguel doesn't stray from his theme of lust for too long ("Baby arch your back/and point your toes"). However, the song is low-key compared to his other ones and is a bit of a letdown artistically.

10. "Pussy Is Mine"—Undoubtedly the most explicit song on the album, this song actually holds the most interesting melody of the entire album, in my opinion. Though the song is short, it contains more of a meaning than the title entails. The mystery is yours to solve.

11. "Candles in the Sun"—A thought-provoking song that will surprise listeners with its change in direction ("Is there a God? / Is he watching?/ Is she watching?").