The wait for the much anticipated iPhone 5 will be over when Apple releases it Friday.

Fans of Apple products are expected to buy the new phone then if they haven't already pre-ordered it, but some students, Apple fan or not, are content with the phone they already have.

For Clare Norvet, senior in English, the iPhone 5 is not a must-have device.

"I don't plan on buying the new one," Norvet said. "One friend of mine ordered hers a few days ago and another is waiting for one, they were both up for an upgrade. I am a long way off from an upgrade, but even if I were (due for one), I would most likely not get the new one, unless mine wasn't working normally."

Norvet already owns a white iPhone 4 and said, "Don't get me wrong, I do really like Apple products! I've had a MacBook all through college that has been great!"

As for what isn't necessary, Norvet makes it clear what she thinks. "(We don't need) another sort of electronically social capability. I don't think this generation needs any more of a personal relationship with technology than they already do," she said.

Brittany Neff, junior in biology at Maryville College, thinks that the iPhone 5 is an upgrade from the other generations of the phone.

"I'm really excited about the iPhone 5 release," Neff said. "I have quite a few friends who have an iPhone 4 that have already preordered the new one. I'm considering getting one myself because the iPhone 5 is supposedly larger, and it will be much easier to view videos, but (Samsung's) Galaxy III offers that, too."

Apple has allegedly increased the size of the iPhone 5 and has also upgraded the camera features, Apple officials claim. But is it enough to persuade students to buy it?

"I absolutely think Apple's upgrades will spark interest," Neff said. "I have never had an iPhone of any kind and now I want one. The iPhone 5 is going to be a hit no matter what. News stories are already covering stories about people waiting in line for days just to get one. Apple is known for their good quality, though Samsung is putting up a good fight."