As the school year has come into full swing, so have all the Greek philanthropy events on campus. Delta Gamma is hosting their annual Anchor Splash event, which began this past Tuesday and will go through Friday afternoon.

Delta Gamma's philanthropy for the event is Service for Sight. Alpha Chi Omega's coach, Hanna Powell, junior in retail and consumer science, said that last year their chapter raised over $10,000 for Service for Sight.

"We help this foundation by going and reading to the dyslexic and the blind," Powell said. "We also work with Club Vibes, which is located in Knoxville. Club Vibes helps children and adults who have trouble reading."

This week there has been a table set up on Pedestrian Walkway, which has buckets for each Greek chapter participating. Members of these chapters can go by and put donations into these buckets. The table will stay there until Friday afternoon.

Tuesday, Delta Gammas wore their letters around campus for Soak a DG, and members of participating organizations tried to soak them with water guns, water bottles and water balloons. Every time one of the Delta Gammas got soaked, they gave the philanthropy participant a slip with their signature on it. The night also consisted of a portion of Moe's profits going to benefit Service for Sight. Competitors saved their receipts and gave them to their head coaches along with their Soak-a-DG slips. The teams who spent the most money at Moe's that night and who turned in the most Soak-a-DG slips earned points for the day.

The volleyball tournament took place Wednesday afternoon on Fiji Island. The tournament had pre-made brackets with opponents for the participants.

The Anchor Man Pageant was held on Thursday night. For this event, each participating chapter nominated a member to represent their chapter. During the pageant, the representative of each chapter had to do a swimsuit competition, give an interview in an evening gown and demonstrate a talent. There was also a short dance competition between the participating sororities during the pageant.

The last event of Anchor Splash is the Anchor Games, which will take place at the TRECs on Friday afternoon. The Games consist of the banner drop, belly flop competition, relays and synchronized swimming.

Both sororities and fraternities can participate in this event. The chapters that pay the entrance fee to participate are each provided a coach from Delta Gamma, who is there to help with events and give advice throughout the week.

These events held throughout the week are meant to be fun and exciting. Chelsea Towers, junior in communication studies, is ready for Anchor Splash this year.

"Anchor Splash has been so exciting for me this year," Towers said. "I am a junior, so this will be my last year to coach since next year I will be judging the events. A lot of people who do participate in our philanthropy event have a lot of fun."

The goal for each chapter participating is to win, and a chapter wins by earning the most points. The points are won by the amount of participation by each of the chapter's members and by winning the different competitions throughout the week.