The Visual Arts Committee will hold an art exhibit in the University Center Concourse Gallery which will feature pieces from the student art show, "Untitled No. 65."

The art show is an annual competition, which is held and sponsored by Ewing Gallery, where students have their work observed and judged by new peers.

Winners from the competition are given the opportunity to display their work in the exhibit, according to Shannon Herron, vice-chair of exhibits.

Herron said there will be a variety of pieces in the show from more than 25 students, and will feature everything from photography, painting and drawing, to graphic design, printmaking and mixed media.

"We wanted to give these students the opportunity to show their work to a larger portion of the student body—especially those that don't typically walk through the Art and Architecture building or those who may have missed the show in the spring," said Herron.

Keely McDonald, sophmore in architecture, explained how she loves seeing artwork on campus outside of the Art and Architecture building.

"Having the majority of my classes in the Art and Architecture Building, I am fortunate to be constantly surrounded by artwork, but I enjoy being able to see students' art work outside of the building." Keely said. "I think it is important for students not involved in the art program to be able to see and appreciate the talent within the art school."

These exhibits held by the Visual Arts Committee are intended to promote different artists and their art, exploring and inspiring the community through different art mediums.

The committee also works to bring different artists to be featured in exhibits and to lecture, such as Frank Warren, founder of Post Secret, and UT alumnus Paul Hassell.

When deciding on the exhibits and lectures, Herron said the process is relatively long. Every spring they get together to come up with ideas for the upcoming year. Each member presents their ideas to the committee and then they vote on their top choices. Herron then takes charge of contacting and organizing the events.

November's exhibit will again feature student work, as well as the winning photographs from a competition put on by the Study Abroad Office. Students took the photographs during study abroad trips from all over the world. Herron said they decided to do the exhibit as part of International Education Week, which takes place Nov. 12 to 16.

More information about the Visual Arts Committee and their events can be found on their website,