It was just two years ago when the Northern Ireland band Two Door Cinema Club released their freshman album, "Tourist History." They broke out into the indie music scene with a fun and original sound through singles like "Something Good Can Work" and "Undercover Martyn." The three members of the band quickly made their way to the ranks of bands like Vampire Weekend and The Temper Trap.

With their newly released album, "Beacon," Two Door Cinema Club perfects the craft of songwriting with amazing tunes and well-written lyrics, and ultimately provides fans with a new favorite album that leaves them anticipating the next one.

The first single off the album is "Sleep Alone," an upbeat song that is a really good preview of how great the rest of the album is. The song has emotional lyrics that anyone will want to sing along to and a chorus that lead singer Alex Trimble sings with ease and emotion. His voice against the steady drums and the dreamy-sounding guitar provide for a song that is easily one of the best on the album.

"Sleep Alone" also proves to be a continuation of the band's previous album, keeping their original sound but developing it for this album. Keeping in touch with their initial sound, they're known for letting their fans mature with the band.

There's only one guest on the album, the artist Valentina on the track "The World is Watching." She provides a perfect female voice that lifts the sound of the song and is a perfect juxtaposition with Trimble's crooning. The song itself is sweet and soft compared with the rest of the album. Additionally, the song is simple yet does not lose the band's complex nature. Details within the song, such as the pop-like synthesizer and the orchestra-like violin part towards the end of the song make it stand out from the rest.

Throughout the album, the songs are consistently pleasing and euphonious. The arrangement of the songs tell a story of infatuation, heartbreak and longing. The song "Settle" features the lyrics, "You see the world pull you in/romantic and drenched in sin/you won't get that far this time/till this place swallows you whole." With a delightful and fascinating melody at the start of the song, it will make listeners think twice about skipping to a different song.

All the songs are written by the three members of the band, which these days is an accomplishment in itself, especially among other artificial artists who often have songs written for them while auto-tune carries them through the song. The album wasn't just put together — it's obvious each song was thoroughly thought out, and the little details prove it. These details really make the album unique and let it stand out from the rest of the bands in the same genre. With their new album, Two Door Cinema Club provides indie-pop fans with quality music and a beacon of hope for music among other fake and unoriginal artists.

"Beacon" by Two Door Cinema Club was released on Sept. 3 in the UK and Sept. 4 for the rest of the world. It is available for purchase on iTunes.