Volapalooza just took a huge change in direction with Sunday's announcement that the current lineup of Tyga, Beats Antique and DJ Mike Nasty has been replaced by Nickelback, Creed and a FloRida impersonator named MistahSipp, who ironically is not from Mississippi.

These three performers were not, however, the top replacement choices as Smokey Robinson, James Franco's character, Alien, from "Spring Breakers" and Phil Collins all turned down overtures from UT officials, with Collins saying that while anyone can "Call Me Al," he would prefer that UT stop calling him, as he has no idea where Knoxville is.

Lead singer of Nickelback, Chad Kroeger, has said in the past that his life goal was to play Volapalooza, so with that now accomplished, maybe he can stop making music.

Rumors are circulating as well that Creed will only be playing James Taylor covers with their "Eyes Wide Open." Students are recommended, however, to keep their ears closed and to wear leather pants for what has all the makings of being the most polite mosh pit of all time.

MistahSipp first got his start impersonating synthesized, B-list club rappers in St. Olaf, Minn., and became enamored with FloRida's first single, "Low," while volunteering at an animal shelter. His Twitter bio reads, however, that due to a recent spelunking-related neck injury, he can no longer "spin his head right round," but he will try his best to pack his "Apple Bottom jeans."

Disclaimer: This story is completely fabricated in celebration of April Fool's Day.