With two albums already under her belt, Kate Nash does not disappoint her indie fan base with her third album, "Girl Talk," which was released March 4.

While Nash wrote the songs in 2011, "Girl Talk" was not recorded for quite some time because of tension between Nash and her record label at the time, Fiction Records. Nash left the record company and teamed up with Have 10p Records to release the album. "Girl Talk" is a bit different than her previous albums. Her first two, "Made of Bricks" and "My Best Friend Is You," have more of a pop sound, but her third album shows a transition to a more punk side. This different style shows her versatility as an artist, as well as her tendency to rebel.

The opening track, "Part Heart," immediately shows her fans how she has changed from previous albums. The music itself is much different, stressing her punk image. In her first two albums, Nash's voice is softer, fitting the generic pop artist sound. However in "Part Heart," she sings rougher and deeper to show fans a new side of herself.

"Death Proof" is one of the stand-out songs on the album. The emphasis on the guitar and drums reflects the punk vibe. The way she sings the song is also characteristic of the punk-rock style; from softly and whispery to screaming, her range shows how she can stretch her voice. Nash keeps true to her pop roots with songs like "3AM." The track will keep fans happy with another song that is perfect to listen to with the windows rolled down on a beautiful day. This song gives the album a nice shift from all the rough, punk music that comprises most of the album.

Similar to her past two albums, Nash doesn't hold back with the risqué lyrics, cursing in many of the songs. She sings about subjects such as sex and drugs, which comes as no surprise since she is trying to become more of an edgy artist. Nash continues to show fans that she is not afraid to push boundaries to further her unique image.

The new persona Nash is creating may not be widely accepted just yet. "Girl Talk" was placed at No. 85 on the UK Albums Chart, which is much lower than where her previous albums were on the charts. Kate Nash may need to fight for her new image until her fans get on board.