For one dance team, their purpose has stretched beyond just performances and has become more about family.

Allure Dance Team is an on-campus extracurricular activity for young women that focuses on hip-hop influences in their performances.

Some events that Allure has performed at over the years include the "Miss Krimson and Kreme Pageant," hosted by Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., "Stomp Fest," "African American Image Awards," and "Showtime," an event hosted by Minority Enhancement for UT each spring semester.

Alana Hudson, co-captain of the team and sophomore in psychology, has been dancing for Allure Dance Team for a year and said she loves it.

"(The members) work together to create new ideas — starting from scratch — to create unique and exciting dance routines for performances," Hudson said. "It's all worth it in the end to see the result and know you made a great product."

Each member must dedicate hours of time, effort and energy into the program and its weekly practices, which sometimes last for hours into the night. However, all of the women who dance for Allure Dance Team have learned to manage time wisely before and after practices.

Ri'charda Anderson, senior in recreation and sports management, has been a member of Allure Dance Team for three years and said she still enjoys everything about the organization.

"(It takes) responsibility and a lot of time management, sometimes even involving bring work to practices and studying during breaks," Anderson said.

She also said that Allure brings "fun and excitement" to campus, and Hudson said that the dance team also brings "originality and creative expression through dance."

Anderson and Hudson said Allure helps the members to learn to work with different people of different backgrounds and teaches them how to become whole and work as a team rather than as individuals.

They said all of the members are extremely close and that they act as a family with each other.

With regard to the future of Allure, Anderson said she hopes the team will continue its legacy.

"I hope the team continues to grow and maintain a positive reputation on campus," Anderson said. "We have become more than just a dance team, we are a family and I would like to see the members to continue to act as such. I would also like for the team to expand and become more diverse, not only in dance moves, but also in members."

As graduation approaches, Anderson said she is looking forward to the future.

"I'm excited to graduate and ready to embark on a new journey in life," she said.