Modern swing jazz enthusiast Michael Bublé has created an album to make listeners intrinsically happy again.

Fans can expect "To Be Loved" to be wrapped up in cozy contentment. It's almost absurdly happy, but that was the plan all along. Bublé's album strays from the norm in that it includes original numbers, covers and duets. The record features artists such as Bryan Adams, The Puppini Sisters and (surprisingly enough) Reese Witherspoon.

"To Be Loved" opens with the jazz hit "You Make Me Feel So Young," which gained attention thanks to Frank Sinatra. Bublé sticks fairly close to the original, but his smooth vocals make the song a success. This track is just one more Bublé can add to his catchy jazz music repertoire.

The album's first original song, "It's a Beautiful Day," was released as a single on March 25. From the get-go, the upbeat tempo and cheerful vocals let the world know the attitude this record will take. Listeners are likely to associate this extremely catchy song to another one of Bublé's big hits, "Haven't Met You Yet."

The album's second cover, "To Love Somebody," may not be one of the most played by listeners, but it's still a fair cover of the Bee Gees song. Not to worry — Bublé's next cover of the soulful Motown track, "Who's Lovin' You," is wonderful. The vocals are dreamy and the song was made for his voice.

"Something Stupid," the first duet on the album, is actually very pleasant. Witherspoon's voice blends nicely with Bublé's to form one of the better tracks on his album. According to "E! News," the partnership formed rather oddly, after Bublé heard her sing in "Walk the Line" in the Johnny Cash biopic.

Fans shouldn't be shocked at Bublé's duet with Naturally 7 on the track "Have I Told You Lately That I Love You," since they have previously collaborated. Once again, Bublé's voice is bolstered nicely by the intertwined backup vocals.

This record features quality covers, but the original numbers are nothing to sneeze at either. "Close Your Eyes" is the second original of the record, and it's one of the better originals. Bublé detours from the upbeat, happy originals to give a deeper, more heartfelt performance. Similarly, "I Got It Easy" echoes a more profound sentiment through deliberate vocals and Bublé's incredible range.

The title track may not be the absolute best original on the album, but it's still really good. "To Be Loved" highlights Bublé's voice as well as the other tracks, and the backup vocals compliment his voice well.

Anticipation has built around Bublé's rendition of Randy Newman's "You've Got a Friend in Me." The song doesn't disappoint and listeners will enjoy the fresh twist that Bublé adds to it.

Album closer "Young at Heart" is another Sinatra number that Bublé sounds quite content on. His silky voice allows listeners to drift off in a cozy listening experience.