Thursday, April 25‬

What: Carnicus‬
‪When: 7:30 p.m.
Where: Cox Auditorium‬
‪Price: $10 for students; $13 for faculty/staff; $15 for general public ‬
‪Victoria's Take: This UT tradition started as an end of the year celebration called June Jubilee. It evolved into an all-around shindig extravaganza, complete with vaudeville shows and Glee Club performances (yes, Lea Michele would still somehow be annoying even as a silent actress). The popularity of this event inspired the school to add a winter event as well. Eventually, the two were combined in 1929 and coined as Carnicus, with most of the emphasis being placed on skit performances. What students have now is a chance to view awesome live performances by their peers, and a pretty awesome (and classy) way to kick off the end of the year. ‬

Who: Apache Dropout with The Gun Outfit and Psychic Baos‬
‪When: 10 p.m.‬
‪Where: Pilot Light ‬
‪Price: $5‬
‪Victoria's Take: ‬This psychedelic rock band is screaming nostalgia from the '60s hippie era. Lead singer Sonny Blood's quivery voice is haunting over low, trembling tunes. The music could honestly take you to a different world. If you're into psychedelic-electronica influences, then this band is for you. Check them out on YouTube. Think Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros if Sharpe lost half the band and tripped hard on some hallucinogens and frolicked out in a field of poppies.

Friday, April 26 ‬

What: Volaplalooza‬
‪When: 8 p.m.
Where: Thompson-Boling Arena‬
‪Price: $10 to $15 ‬
‪Victoria's Take: It's a party, it's a party, IT'S A PARTY. But seriously, it kind of is. This year, your friends over at the Cultural Attractions Committee gathered a line-up to ensure you move your body regardless of how stressful and painful your last week of school was (well, you probably shouldn't have procrastinated on that 10 page paper, but I'm not here to judge). "Rack City" rapper and Lil Wayne's second-hand man next to Drake, Tyga, will be performing, along with electronica group Beats Antique and UT senior DJ Mike Nasty. Another student performer is Glenda Jordan, also known as Calliope, who will display her awesome hula-hooping talents on stage — with lights. LED lights to be more specific. It's sure to be a high energy performance, so if you're looking for something to jump around to as a finale to the semester, here's your shot. ‬

What: On the Razzle ‬
‪When: 7:30 to 9:30 p.m.
Where: Clarence Brown Theatre
‪Price: $5 to $40 ‬
‪Victoria's Take: Oh, I see. You don't like live music and dancing. Or you may not enjoy the type of music being performed at at the aforementioned event. No worries. "On The Razzle" is playing at the Clarence Brown Theatre for those of you who enjoy a more thematic performance. The story follows two country grocery store clerks who take advantage of the their boss goes out of town and lead an adventure of their own. The play is based on the production that also inspired "Hello Dolly" and hits home with the slapstick comedy shenanigans. ‬

Saturday, April 27

What: 50 Shades! The Musical
When: 6 p.m.
Where: Bijou Theatre
Price: $24.50 - $39.50
Melodi's Take: Based off the New York Times best-selling series "50 Shades of Grey," this musical only takes the sexual jokes to a new level. Perfect for a Saturday night, this show will have you laughing at all the sex-related puns and silly situations the characters get themselves into. Guaranteed to make you feel awkward around your family, grab a couple of friends that you know you can laugh with and make a night of this show. The show will only be in town for only one night, with one showing at 6 p.m. and another at 9 p.m., so take advantage of the show being in town, especially since the ticket prices are pretty affordable.

Who: R.B. Morris
When: 8 p.m.
Where: Laurel Theatre
Price: $12
Melodi's Take: This local singer/songwriter definitely knows Knoxville. Having a résumé that includes editing the Hard Knoxville Review and publishing numerous poems and his junior album titled "Spies Lies and Burning Eyes," this seasoned creative mind is sure to give a great show at the Laurel Theatre. Having also been inducted into the East Tennessee Writers Hall of Fame in 2009, Morris is performing Saturday with other musicians including Greg Horne, Daniel Kimbro and Cecilia Miller.

Sunday, April 28

Who/What: The Sword with Kyng
When: 8 p.m.
Where: Bijou Theatre
Price: $16 - $18
Melodi's Take: Originally from Austin, Texas, the Sword is a metal band that has influences from the old-school generations, bringing new meaning to the otherwise outdated genre. Their latest album, titled "Apocryphon," which released last October, has a heavy yet harmonious sound that will please any metal or rock fan. Although, country and pop fans may want to avoid this concert, due to it's hard nature. Yet if you're willing to try something new, this concert that has a great price is something to take part in, especially to wind down and distress right before finals.

What: Knoxville Opera: 'Cinderella'
When: 2:30 p.m.
Where: Tennessee Theatre
Price: $13-$95
Melodi's Take: Feeling whimsical? Want a fresh take on classical music? This performance featuring the music of Rossini with his "Cinderella" suite is guaranteed to make anyone feel like a princess. The beautiful music is calming and sweet, and actually provides the perfect background music for a cutie you've waited all semester to ask out. This concert with the Knoxville Opera is sure to be a breathtaking performance, so treat yourself to a nice Sunday night.