As the school year is coming to a close, students are more than ready to get their summer under way. The question remains: what will students do with these three months off – get a job, go on vacation, maybe take summer classes?

Alex Wheelock, a freshman in economics, said he plans to get away over the summer.

"I'm from Johnson City, so I like to get out and travel, but I think it'll mostly be family vacations," he said. "We're going to Seattle in a few weeks and then Hilton Head."

Freshman in biomedical engineering Cameron Larose agrees.

"I'm taking a few trips up here (to Knoxville) and one family trip to West Virginia for a family reunion," he said.

So the vote seems unanimous for a summer vacation, but some students might find themselves a little low on cash from the school year and want work over the summer. Larose suggests landscaping.

"Doing landscaping is a lot of hard work and I usually start at like 6 and the heat is crazy, especially in Georgia, but seeing the job done at the end of the day makes it a success ... and the pay is pretty good," he explained.

If manual labor isn't really for some students, being a nanny could be an option. Caroline Dyer, a sophomore in nutrition, said she'll "be nannying a lot," but continues to say that it leaves a lot of free time for the pool and lake.

For the students who have their minds set on graduation, summer classes would be a good way to get a head start before next semester starts. Dyer also said those particular students should enroll in summer classes.

"I am taking a summer class at Pellissippi, but it is only four weeks, and I can do anything for four weeks," she said.

Sometimes it's nice to have some time away, especially when given the opportunity to do so in a foreign country. NiKi Blaylock, a freshman in chemical engineering and minoring in French, is an advocate for studying abroad.

"I'm studying abroad in France for five weeks," she said. "I have always loved France and the French language."

Students have many options to choose from when there are three months at their disposal. Anyway students decide to spend their summer, whether it be at work or by the pool, we can all rejoice in the fact that this year is quickly coming to a close and a break from trudging up the Hill and the crazy Knoxville weather will be received by everyone.