What: 20 Years Later: UTK School of Art, MFA class of 1993
Where: UT Downtown Gallery
When: Opening reception, 5 p.m.
Price: Free
Melodi's Take: Age is something inevitable, but art lasts forever. August's First Friday is filled with a ton of different events for the culture-hungry Knoxville residents, including a collection of art from UT Alumni who graduated 20 years before. Featuring a variety of paintings, photographs and graphic designs, this gallery proves that art remains relevant no matter how old it's creator is. Additionally, the Downtown Gallery always has tasty treats and a wealth of beverages for visitors, which only makes the free admission even sweeter. Make sure to head downtown for First Friday this weekend.

What: Brian Posehn
Where: Side Splitters Comedy Club
When: 7:45 p.m.
Price: $18-22 (ages 18 and up)
Melodi's Take: Usually, the Daily Beacon Weekender focuses on arts and culture events in the Knoxville area. Sometimes when the right person comes along, it's too good not to feature comedy. The Side Splitters Comedy Club is a renown venue for super famous comedians, and with one of two locations in Knoxville (the other is in Tampa, Fla.), why not take advantage of it? This weekend, Brian Posehn is the visitor of honor, and his "Sarah Silverman Show" experience along with his work on "Mr. Show with Bob and Ted," he's sure to provide for some endless giggles. This cheap ticket will well be worth it by the end of the show when your face hurts from laughing too much.

What: Love Animals with Lipliplip Hands and Rally
Where: Pilot Light
When: 10 p.m.
Price: $5 (ages 18 and up)
Melodi's Take: It's officially August and the start of the fall semester is quickly approaching. Once school starts, late Saturday nights and early Sunday mornings will be harder to pull off when you have three papers to write and two exams on the following Monday. Instead of regretting your safe decisions during summer, make it out to Pilot Light this weekend and live up these hot, summer nights. Local, indie/rock band Love Animals is sure to give a great performance, and openers Lipliplip Hands and Rally are sure to hype up the crowd beforehand. Summer's end is quickly approaching, take advantage of this cheap ticket and enjoy the first Saturday of August.