To celebrate "32," the first exhibit from UT faculty since 2007, the College of Architecture and Design will hold a reception on Friday, Aug. 23 at 5:30 p.m. in the Ewing Gallery.

Since Aug. 1, "32" has been on display in the Art and Architecture Building. The exhibition was fittingly named for the number of participants in the showcase.

Sarah McFalls, collections manager of the Ewing Gallery, helped to organize and set up the showcase.

"Some of it showcases recent architecture and design projects while other works involve photography, collage, drawing, the construction of instruments and toys and furniture design," McFalls said.

The exhibit includes art within the mediums of architecture, landscape architecture, film, interior design, photography, graphic design, mixed media and more. Scott Poole, the dean of the College of Architecture and Design, contributed to the gallery with a series of objects based on geometry, ratio of numbers and qualities of specific materials.

Diane Fox, senior lecturer in the school of architecture and organizer of the exhibition, hopes the event will expose the talented faculty at UT.

"My expectation for the exhibit is to feature the faculty's work so that everybody can see the richness and diversity of our talented faculty," Fox said. "It is especially valuable for the students to see what we can offer."

Sierra Jensen, junior in architecture, has visited the exhibit and appreciates seeing work created by her professors.

"I believe it's interesting and helpful to see your professors and faculty in another setting and through another medium," Jensen said. "Some of the faculty had works displayed that were not just architectural works, like personal projects, which allowed the exhibit to have a lot of variety and personality."

One of the works Jensen found intriguing was adjunct associate professor Matt Hall's piece on aluminum guitars.

"One honorable and interesting work, however, was Hall's installation," Jensen said. "It was a piece that you wanted to know more about."

Fox, who teaches graphic design and photography within the college, has four photographs from her series, UnNatural History, that consist of images of dioramas in museums in the U.S. and abroad.

"I think the work is very strong and I have several favorite pieces," said Fox.

The last faculty exhibition in 2007 occurred near the time of the school of architecture's accreditation, according to Fox.

"Last time the exhibit happened around the time of the school of architecture's accreditation and that is true this time also," Fox said. "The exhibit will result in a catalog that we will be able to present the accreditation team. Since the time of the last exhibit we have several new faculty, a new program in landscape architecture and new administration.

"It was time to take a fresh look."