The UT Farmers Market presents fresh produce, local food and entertainment to the Knoxville community weekly.

The market is held in UT Gardens on the UT Institute of Agriculture campus and is run by faculty and student interns.

"It's nice," said Mary Wortham, a senior majoring in landscape design. "I like to do it, because for me I get to know my plants and know how they grow well in certain situations and that helps me with landscape design. And the farmers market is really nice, you get to meet people."

Becca Harmin, a student intern for the Farmer's Market, has firsthand witnessed the growth and success the market has undergone since its opening.

"The market has been really successful," Harmin said. "We've had a great number of venders, new ones coming in all the time."

The market began in 2009 and supports local farmers.

"All of the venders are from within east Tennessee," Harmin said. "All of the venders make or produce their own products, and so all of the farmers are growing all of their own crops."

The market ranges from about 25 to 30 venders a week and sells various produce and personal care products.

The UT Gardens holds a booth at the market where the group of UT workers sell produce while educating interested visitors.

"We're not so much about profit," Wortham said. "We like to get our message out and our mission about education, learning and horticulture."

Harmin, who is originally from Dallas, has only been with the farmers market for a short period of time. However, she is impressed with the sense of community in Knoxville.

"What's been really interesting to see are the customers that come back every week, the committed market goers," she said. "Also, the same coin different side (aspect), every week seeing new people come out."

However, officials are swift to admit that what the market lacks in funds, it makes up in local support.

"The Knoxville community has been really supportive in giving us time and talent," Harmin said. "Sometimes, the Crown and Goose chief Jeff DeAlejandro will do cooking demos for us out of the goodness of his heart."

This type community backing has sparked the market's sudden surge in popularity.

"A lot of organization and businesses will freely give their time and energy just because they want to support our farmers market," Harmin said.

The Farmers Market takes place every Wednesday from 4-7 p.m. until Oct. 23 at the UT Gardens.

"It's just great for midweek," Harmin said. "You can catch your breath get your local groceries and goods and grab dinner. It's an event and errands all at once."