UT welcomes referees to campus for various sporting events multiple times a year, but it’s not as often that a referee is on campus for a duel between two artists.

Super Art Fight, a traveling team of artists, will be at the Humanities Amphitheatre on Friday to battle through expression on canvas.  “Pictionary meets pro wrestling” is how Ross Nover, co-host of Super Art Fight, describes the event. To begin each round, artists are given a topic on which their art is to be based. Two artists work on the same canvas and feed off each others’ creativity, Nover said. 

These bouts are complete with humorous commentary from Nover, as well as Marty Day, while artists are forced to change directions with their art. “Watching art be drawn can be really enthralling, but watching art be drawn while two people make jokes about it can be really fun and that’s what we’re here to do,” Nover said. The event will possess "over the top" drama, akin to pro wrestling, Nover said.

The artists visiting UT for the event are Michael “Baron Von Sexyful” Brocco, Jamie “Brawlin” Baldwin and the anonymous “El Russo Rojo.” Brandon Calmers will referee the event.

Super Art Fight artists, who are based out of the Baltimore, Md. and Washington D.C. area, became a group of close friends after attending the same art convention, Nover said. Each of the artists were invited to be part of a show that started out as a technological disaster but led the artists to discover live action art fighting.

“Artists had to find ways to keep the audience’s attention, so it turned into a rumble of art,” he said. “Artists were drawing on each other’s art and the audience loved it. We decided we could do that and went from there.”

The team has been performing together for about five years, and Nover said this group of artists never imagined themselves displaying art in this way.“I think there’s this great message here, which is if you find something cool that you want to do, you can get somewhere doing it,” Nover said.

Super Art Fight is presented by the Visual Arts Committee as part of Welcome Week. Press secretary Morgan Hardy said VAC has been trying to incorporate live art on campus for years.“We’ve wanted for years to have a live demonstration for art and this seems like an interesting way to do that,” said Hardy, a senior in theatre. “I know watching someone paint can be time consuming. It can take hours and hours to do a painting but this is geared to be more fast paced and it will be really exciting.”

Hardy said VAC is “starting the year off with a bang” by bringing Super Art Fight to campus.

“There is a lot of inspiration around art that I don’t think a lot of people get in person very often,” Nover said. “You see art online or in galleries, but it’s rare that you get the opportunity to see these things live and see that it still exists.“It’s so visual and so much energy that hearing about it and seeing it are two different things.”

Super Art Fight will last from 7-9 p.m. on Friday at the Humanities Amphitheatre as a part of Welcome Week. The event will be followed with Vol Night Long. For more information click here.