Dank Sinatra, a band that experiments with new sounds, will perform at Barley's Taproom and Pizzeria downtown tonight at 8 p.m.

Hailing from Athens, Ga., Dank Sinatra calls their style experimental and said audience members should expect to hear unique sounds throughout the show.

"Currently southern rock, electric blues and funk," Gaines said. "We love experimenting with new sounds."

The band began playing together in college and found they had an interesting, experimental sound. The members' musical influences are varied across music genres, but they find ways of combining them.

"Our influences are pretty open-ended, so we bring them all together," Gaines and Henderson said.

Dank Sinatra has a late night Scrabble game to thank for their name, discussed by band members. The word "dank" appeared on the board, so they simply brainstormed from there.

Their last album, "Just Charlesin'," came out in 2011. Recently, they've recorded another album entitled "Strange" that they've played songs from on their recent tour and will continue to play Thursday at Barley's.

For some, the atmosphere of Barley's alone is enough to bring people out.

"It's a very casual atmosphere. Great for events, or just a few friends," said Elliot Greenlee, freshman in electrical engineering.

Jessie Hamby, a freshman studying linguistics, agrees.

"It's like that dark bar setting that's charming in its own way," Hamby said. "You can sit upstairs, downstairs, around. There's a lot of space."

Gaines said it is qualities like these that keep Dank Sinatra coming back for more. This will be their fourth time playing in Knoxville, and their second time at Barley's.

"Last time, we actually got caught in a blizzard on our way up in January," recalled Dank Sinatra.

In a year, they typically hit around 67 cities, concentrating in the Southeastern states. The band is working their way to the Northeast and possibly Colorado.

"We're on the road as much as we can," they said in regards to their intense touring schedule. "We're trying to do as much as we can."

Their long tours come with a rare performance, too. At their shows, bass player Clint Meadows has been known to fire dance, but said "it's already hot enough in the summer."

Henderson said the vibes the band puts off as they jam and discover new sounds together on stage produce a high-energy show.

"We send it out to the crowd and receive it back at the same time," Henderson said. "We experiment live. We're all single except the drummer. We've also been known to crack a good joke or two at Barley's."

Hamby, who visits Barley's but has never seen Dank Sinatra, is excited to experience their humor and liveliness on stage.

"I've never been to a rock show at Barley's, so I'm really looking forward to the energy," Hamby said. "And I'm pumped to see Dank Sinatra live for the first time."

It's apparent that UT students are jumping on the "Dank Train," and Dank Sinatra is more than excited to bring it to Knoxville. For more information visit danksinatramusic.com.