NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Bridgestone Arena turned into an intimate venue Wednesday night as John Mayer graced the stage with his signature sound.

The night began with Phillip Phillips getting the crowd warmed up with his high energy set. When it was time for Mayer to take the stage, he and his band simply walked onto stage and began to play. There was no grand entrance, yet the audience reacted with the same roar of excitement they would have if Mayer had shown up in an extravagant manner, like most performers.

From the time "Half of My Heart" was played at the beginning of the night, Mayer appeared as excited as the audience. He changed from acoustic to electric guitar frequently. During "If I Ever Get Around to Living," the acoustic hung at Mayer's front and the electric at his back as he switched back and forth.

The intimacy of the concert was due in part to Mayer's personal interaction with the audience. At one point, Mayer told the story of a couple he met at the meet and greet before the show after spotting them in the front row. He said as they walked in to meet him, the wife told Mayer that his music was the reason she found her husband.

"They're like a love machine and I just thought it was the coolest thing to see that much love," Mayer told the audience. "I love you guys. That was an incredible meeting. You could just see it on their face.

"It was the kind of look that makes you hate your life."

As "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room," the couple's wedding song, softly began, the couple was shown on screen as tears fell from their eyes.

"This isn't your first dance, but whatever number it is, this is for you," Mayer said. "Give it up for Tiffany and Nick."

Throughout the song, this couple was shown on screen singing at the top of their lungs as they danced to their song.

Mayer also pointed out multiple signs in the audience, one of which asked him to take a selfie.

"Once you have that razor sharp need for a selfie nothing can take that away from you until you take that selfie," Mayer said.

For "Stop This Train" and "Wildfire" the band exited the stage, leaving only Mayer and his guitar in the spotlight.

Throughout the night in the midst of old favorites and new releases, there was one statement Mayer made that proved to be true:

"Dreams come true at a John Mayer concert."