Bullet for My Valentine's fourth album, "Temper Temper," was released in the U.S. on Tuesday, just a day after its debut in the band's homeland, the U.K. The album taps into the darker side of human emotions. The compilation of tracks express a feeling of bitter sadness, not just anger as the title might lead you to believe. Lead singer Matthew Tuck's lyrics are elevated to another level due to his bandmates' impressive skills; it's a killer combination of drum beats and shredding on the guitar.

The musicians start strong, setting the tone for their singer in "Truth Hurts," a track depicting the pain of the truth and the things one might do to cope. The beginning lyrics, "One more drink, one more pill/Just one more lie to make me feel/Like I have something left to give/'Cause without it I'm just giving in," speaks volumes on the powerless feeling brought on by the ugly truth, but there's something missing. Despite its gripping representation of the painful truth, this song is lacking; it sends a message that the truth is deadly, but ignores its necessity. The truth is something needed in life, but not always wanted; therefore, many make attempts to escape its hold at times.

In contrast, something we might want but definitely don't need is to act on our violent impulses as done in the title track, "Temper Temper." Unlike "Truth Hurts," the message here is a burning desire to be reckless; it seems that a sense of power would be gained with the loss of control, balancing things out. It begins with a warning, "This time you'd better bite your tongue/ Think twice before you open that mouth," while the chorus chimes, "Temper temper, time to explode/Feels good when I lose control/Temper temper, time to explode/Chamber's empty, time to reload." Everyone has a breaking point, and it is clear it has been reached in this song.

Again, in "P.O.W.," a breaking point is reached, but there is a sense of submission, not rebellion. In this song, power is willingly given up in an attempt for salvation. With the verse, "Make, make, make it your way/All I wanna do is live another day/Make, make, make it your way/All I wanna do is live another day/(Live another day)," the idea of submission for survival is clear. Paired with lyrics like, "Claw myself from six feet under/No, no more/Am I stuck here like a prisoner of war/I will breathe once more," this song communicates that even if one must give in, one must never give up.

On the album, "P.O.W" is followed by "Dirty Little Secret," which seems to be a prequel as it discusses a scenario he longs to escape, perhaps feeling like a prisoner to demands he can no longer meet. He tells of a lover's secret side exposed, the vicious, careless side. She keeps taking when he has nothing left to give, "Another taste is what you're looking for!/There's nothing left so you can't take anymore!/You've turned me up and smacked me on the floor!/Straight for the throat/You're like an animal!"

Because of its heavy emotions, this album may be better suited for those of us who will be wallowing in their sorrows on this couple's holiday, but it is relatable to anyone struggling to make it through angst. Whether you are unhappily single or just feeling alone, plug in the headphones and understand there are others in your company; take comfort in that feeling.

Don't throw a tantrum, just check out "Temper Temper," now available on iTunes, Amazon, Walmart.com as well as other places. Curious but not convinced? Indulge in some chocolates as you sample the album on YouTube (free stuff and chocolate makes everything better.)