British trio band The Virginmarys released their first full length album, "King of Conflict," in the U.S. this past Tuesday, and they have certainly started out by making a good impression.

In the past few years there has been an influx in British bands debuting in the U.S. As of recent, the big names have been One Direction, who have had pop singles such as "What Makes You Beautiful" and "Little Things." Another pop female artist, Cher Lloyd, created "Want you Back." However as of Feb. 5, the new British artists on the scene are The Virginmarys.

The Virginmarys formed outside of Manchester in 2006. The band trio consists of Ally Dickaty on lead vocals and guitar, Danny Dolan on drums and back-up vocals, and Matt Rose rocking the bass. Their first debut was at the Download Festival in 2010, and since then they have toured with bands such as Slash, Terrorvision, The View and We Are Scientists, along with doing many solo performances and releasing multiple EPs such as "Portrait of Red," which is featured on their newest album.

The band has the traditional hard rock setup allowing for a traditional rock sound that provides the kick, hard chords and riffs that true rock fans love. Their sound is similar to the 'grunge' sound of Nirvana and the late Kurt Cobain and shares some similarities with the sound of the Foo Fighters' upbeat style on their album, "One by One."

The Virginmarys' newest album, produced by Toby Jepson, has stayed true to their former sound and ideals of rock. The album starts out with the extremely upbeat, guitar driven song, "Dead Man's Shoes," and by the time the chorus hits, it brings a shock and awe moment that is sure to cause heel tapping and head bopping with the frantic lyrics to make it a fantastic listen. However, one of the best songs on the album is probably the second one, "Portrait Of Red," not only because it shows the true ability of Dickaty as a lead vocalist, but it features one of the best guitar solos recorded in recent years. And on top of all this, they do not pull any punches with the lyrics such as "Baby treat my body like a canvas." Insinuate what you will.

The most impressive and most original song on the album is the last song, "Ends Don't Mend." Not only is the song about 15 minutes in length, but it shows a more diverse sound that The Virginmarys are capable of, which up until now had not been heard. Despite the song's length, it is a ride that is worth sticking around for, since it takes you through so many different sounds and vignettes. It is the darkest song on the album in texture and possibly in lyrics, as well. If anything it is the most emotional, and Dickaty genuinely portrays his feelings.

As a whole, the album is a fantastic return to the roots of rock but on a scale of one to five it is a solid four. While the band is still experimenting with their sound, in future albums their own sound and voice should emerge. In all though, the album is highly recommended.