New York's busiest week, the notorious event known as the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, began last Thursday. The event consists of the fashion world's most infamous designers gathering together to present their fall/winter collections for the end of this year. Among these designers are Marc Jacobs, Diane von Furstenberg, Zac Posen and many others.

One designer that stood out among the rest this season was Michael Kors. His fall collection was particularly intriguing due to the fact that many of the pieces he created were quite ordinary, but were made incredible on the runway. A huge part of his collection was nontraditional camouflage print, which was utilized all throughout his collection of tops, bottoms and even fur coats.

Also included in the fall collection was a very unusual trend, but Kors pulled it off. He mixed the camo print with bright neon pops of color in his shoes and accessories. This duo of neon colors and camo reminded some viewers of hunters who wear camo and bright neon orange when hunting for deer in the woods. Many designers would not be able to pull these two very different styles together, but in Kors' collection it worked.

Another style for fall that Kors put into his collection was structured outfits and mixing different types of fabrics. Leather and a tweed-like fabric were dominant in the collection. Another designer who is new to the Fashion Week scene is Rachel Zoe. Zoe has built her career as a stylist to celebrities like Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson. She has now decided to step into the world of designing and create her own fall 2013 collection. This collection reflects her vintage bohemian and chic style from beginning to end. In the collection, she shows multiple pieces, especily seperates.

Separates, such as blazers and blouses, were huge at Fashion Week and are incredibly versatile and suited for any style or body type. Instead of only being able to wear one dress once, separates can be mixed and worn with different pieces to create a new look every time. She puts together different types of fabrics and textures, like leather pants and a chunky knit.

Another fabric Zoe used in her collection was fur, and she utilizes the material in a different and specific way: the fur coats have a '70s feel, and the fur is longer when compared to how other designers showed it on the runway. In these coats she also, once again, integrated another fabric to revive the fur look. She uses leather in the fur to create a rock and roll vibe which she is known for wearing herself.

Zoe also brought the menswear look to the show, along with many designers which was a continuation from the trend of last season. When women think of suits, they think of stuffy, large clothing that swallows them and has no style. Zoe created suits that are very feminine but still could be worn in the workplace. Another part of her collection that stood out were the accessories, which is how Zoe began in the design world. The bags used in her collection completed each look to really have people imagine themselves in the clothing. Additionally, the hats created for her collection show people how to add to their looks in a different way, since many people do not usually wear hats on an everyday basis.

While these are just a few designers that stood out during Fashion Week, all of the designers were phenomenal. Fashion Week is also currently underway in Milan, and is to begin in Paris on Feb. 26.