Kitty Pryde, now known as Kitty, brings out the claws with her new album, “DAISY Rage.” The title is fitting for the female rapper, who looks as delicate as a flower with razor sharp lyrics. The artist from Daytona Beach, Fla., is sure to shock and awe in her second EP, which was released on Jan. 3, with a tone so innocent, but words so vicious. Unique beats accompany the lyrics, giving a tranquil, almost hallucinogenic feel to the music. It’s a mature sound that is not meant for younger listeners.

 Kitty has a style reminiscent of Weird Al Yankovic, making parodies of other artist’s works, and she isn’t too keen to be at the center of her own ridicule. She transforms negative comments written about her into witty lyrics — an admirable trait. She may rap about being unkempt, but her verses are well put together.

 A perfect example of her style is on the track “R.R.E.A.M.,” which uses WuTang Clan’s “C.R.E.A.M” as a template. She stays true to the iconic rhythm of the chorus in “C.R.E.A.M.” in her own rendition of the hit record from the ‘90s. Instead of cash, it’s an anxiety rash that rules Kitty’s world, and she is not afraid to get personal with her listeners as she raps about it (“Rash rule everything around me/ (RREAM)/ Getting Drowsy/ Bena- bena- dryl, y’all”). In addition to making fun of herself, Kitty is quite the name dropper.

In “$krillionaire,” a title inspired by Travie McCoy’s “Billionaire,” Kitty pokes fun at artists such as Skrillex and the All American Rejects. The message of this track is humorous with a healthy serving of intrigue. Kitty raps about incontinence as if it is the reason for not measuring up to other artists. She sounds genuine when questioning why she’s “the dirty little secret,” asking “is it because of all the undies that I’ve peed in.” It’s not clear whether Kitty is serious about problems wetting the bed, but she alludes to the issue as being an additional reason (the other being her lyrics) for being judged.

Kitty is no stranger to judgments, whether they are her own or the views of someone else. She begins the third track, “Ay Shawty 3.0,” with remarks about greasy skin and dingy teeth. The best lines represent her talented mind, not her flawed appearance, saying, “Always free/ I can leave with you/ Birds and bees are a mystery/ Teach me,” and “Most boys would liquor me up/ Poison trickery.” Her words reveal her own bit of sorcery in a matter of few seconds, as she expresses a sense of sexual naivety as well as an air of knowing better than to become a man’s drunken plan. 

Contrary to “Ay Shawty 3.0”, on the track “UNfollowed,” Kitty is again the cat, no longer being the mouse. The song tells the story of an elusive man, the object of Kitty’s desire. As good friends usually do, hers try to convince her that she doesn’t need him, but she fantasizes about a relationship with the guy already in the arms of a woman. The title seems a bit ironic, because the track reveals a stalker’s tactic: she’s on the chase, with no plans to stop her follow. She knows he is out of her reach, but that does not stop her from playing pretend.This is not mainstream music, but with Kitty’s childlike voice of innocence spitting rhymes chopped full of mature, racy content, it is worth a listen. Experience something different; embrace the new year with a new sound. Get a cat’s curiosity and check out the EP on