Want to impress that really attractive someone who's significantly cooler than you? Give them a Yo La Tengo album. Why? Yo La Tengo has a way of arranging tracks that gives you the best of all your emotions. They really do ballads well, but they also know how to rock out. However, their new album "Fade" is erring on the softer side of Yo La Tengo, as opposed to their releases from the past decade. Get ready to get in touch with your friend-renouncing, lost-love side of your soul and listen to "Fade."

If one is acquainted with any of the album's music, you know their songs can just breeze by for six minutes in guitar feedback heaven. It's gonna get jangly. Their first track is sunshine music for a rainy day, following their tried-and-true six-minute plus of guitar and organ formula. Imagine the feeling of knowing you're leaving for the beach later that day and the weather isn't good where you are. However, "Ohm" is really the only track on the album where there is a strong feeling of the "I Can Hear the Hearts Beating as One" vibes. As awesome as that album is, it's not a bad thing to say, because I really like their slow, sleepy love ballads more than their "We're a bad ass indie rock band," side. I'm sure that's commenting on the inevitability of making albums for more than 20 years.

Band member Georgia Hubley's angelic voice is sadly missing from most of the tracks. One of the few that it is featured on in this record is "Before We Run," which features these cheesy string riffs that are probably supposed to give one a sense of ironic happiness, but instead make one feel like they ran out of ideas for the tracks they are present on. Something I wish they had incorporated more on this album is Hubley's voice, which is like falling asleep to an angel's whispers. Her voice, besides being incredible, would have gone perfectly with the album's extremely trance inducing vibe. This is something they nail on the track "Cornelia and Jane."

The reason I'm so into YLT's sleepy songs are that they manage to hold your attention in the moment . The work from "Fade" sounds a lot more stagnate on the drums and bass, which kind of takes away that feeling. You're going to zone out on a lot of these tracks, but in a regenerative listening experience for your heart muscles.

One track I feel broke the mold of the album as a whole was "I'll Be Around." This track features really nice movement throughout all the instrumentation, and I think it will be a keeper on my Android after only a couple listens. Later, the song "Two Trains" comes on and I feel like for a great overall summation of the album, just listen to that. If that's your jam, explore further.

Overall, this album will not be in my rotation as heavily as "Painful" or "I Can Hear the Hearts Beating as One," but for winter, you may find these songs really hitting home.