Some students are desperate for trends of seasons past to die while others are hoping for a revival of fashion to come with the return of spring.

Lindy Smith, undecided sophomore, said there are certain trends that need not stick around another season.

"The mixing of patterns is tacky and then there is too much going on in the outfit," Smith said.

Smith said that lace is a fabric she would like to see hibernate as well.

"I used to love lace, especially when it first was high fashion, but I hate to see the elegance of lace be taken away when it's in lower end stores," she said. "It should just be done away with."

Fred Walker, senior in journalism and electronic media and member of the People for Style and Education club, said he's tired of the animal coat allure that seemed to be a major trend last year.

"I am not a fan of fur," Walker said. "I'm not exactly an advocate for PETA, but fur makes a person look burly and not very fashion-forward to me."

However, not all campus wear is in bad taste. Smith said she is a huge fan of the peplum trend.

"Peplum flatters everyone and can be incorporated in many different types of clothing, like shirts, full-length skirts and dresses," Smith said. "There are still a number of other ways designers could use peplum that have not been done yet."

She also hopes that more traditional colors, such as black and blue, be infused more in designer's collections, as well as some designers breaking past the fashion stigmas.

"That is why I love fashion," Smith said. "I love that designers, like Oscar de la Renta and Cynthia Rowland, created a line of all winter white clothing in the fall making white after Labor Day acceptable again. Designers just continue to break the rules and think outside the box."

Walker has many trends in mind that he would love to see come back this season.

"Trends that I have to see re-emerge are the leather pants for guys, sneaker wedges for girls and layering with over-sized scarfs," Walker said. "Especially in the winter these items look very good and trendy when people put their own style on it."