Everyone is saying their name: Destiny's Child is back. Their brand new album, "Love Songs," dropped Tuesday, but the buzz about their reunion began long before that.

Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams have been on an eight-year hiatus, focusing on separate paths. Now they're back, and the new album might come as a shock to fans.

"Love Songs" is quite literally what the title suggests: a compilation of love songs right off the old albums, with a new track, "Nuclear." The R&B, vocal-powerhouse trio stepped away from their popular girl-power hits like "Independent Women Part II," "Bills, Bills, Bills" and "Survivor" and decided to focus on ballads that got swept under the rug during the pop-driven '90s — and perhaps there was a reason that they were.

"Love Songs" kicks off with the slow, sexy "Cater 2 U," which sets the tone of love, selflessness and respect toward men. However, it almost crosses the line from respect over to submission.

In "Cater 2 U," the trio sings, "I put my life in your hands / I got your slippers, your dinner, your dessert and so much more / Anything you want just let me cater to you." You wouldn't think the song was coming from the same group who in 2001 released their hit, "Independent Women Part II," where they put the unworthy man in his place and sang, "Try to control me boy you'll get dismissed / Do what I want, live how I wanna live."

Following "Cater 2 U" is "Killing Time," another slow one, only this time it's all about waiting on a man — not your typical "Survivor," where the trio belts, "Now that you're out of my life, I'm so much better." This tune is desperate — "I don't mind the waiting as long as there's still a maybe."

The first three songs could easily turn away devoted fans who favored the girl-power anthems the group is known for, but it gets better. The remainder of the album focuses more on their independence, their love for men (in a less mushy way), and even one titled "Heaven," a Rowland song about how God is the one who will always be there.

They also included a Timbaland remix of "Say My Name." But it's not what one would think. The lyrics are completely changed and slowed down to suit the rest of the album's mood, which in turn removes the power and conviction that the original song conveyed.

The album concludes with new single, "Nuclear," an easy-going, atypical Destiny's Child single. As always, the trio's runs and ad libs flow together effortlessly, but the song seems to be an overall disappointment to loyal fans who were ready for this eight-year hiatus to end with a strong, fiery anthem.

The reunion and their new single aren't the only buzz going around about the trio. Rumor has it that Rowland and Williams will be joining Beyonce on stage for "Nuclear" during her Superbowl XLVII halftime performance this Sunday.

The three have tried to keep the rumor concealed and have been doing a fairly good job — but only fairly good. Beyonce posted rehearsal pictures to her website Tuesday, none of which reveal any sign of Rowland or Williams. Williams said in an interview with WRUG Media that she has a performance in the musical, "Fela!" but it seems like the Shakespeare Theatre Company (where "Fela!" is being performed) failed to inform her that they posted, "PLEASE NOTE: Michelle Williams will not be appearing January 31st through February 3rd" in bold red type on their website homepage. It looks like there might be hope for Destiny's Child fans after all.