They've been on a boat, they are mother lovers and they tend to throw it on the ground. Now they're marrying men on spring break and [expliciting] their aunt.

The Lonely Island's new album, titled "The Wack Album," confirms that Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone will always take it too far. It also confirms that this album will continue in the group's trend of hillarity.

These comedians, who met in junior high, knew what they were doing when they formed The Lonely Island in 2001. Released June 11, "The Wack Album" is the third piece from the former SNL writers and includes 20 original songs and runs 44 minutes long.

"The Wack Album" is the perfect soundtrack for a college student. The track titled "Spring Break Anthem" could be a conversation overheard in lecture class the week before spring break. "Pranks when you're passed out, jokes about roofies, making girls kiss, marry a man!," one of the rappers said in "Spring Break Anthem." "Trashing hotel rooms, clogging up toilets, beer goggles if she's a hag." That sounds about right.

Since it is pretty obvious that women could be offended by this album, the Lonely Island has made a very strategic move. They included Adam Levine one of the tracks, so now even women without a sense of humor can enjoy this collection of "wack" songs.

Levine has his guest spot in the track titled "YOLO." This was the first single off this album and features the famous Lonely Island sarcasm. Warning listeners to triple lock their chastity belts and calling furniture "killing machines," The Lonely Island successfully put a new perspective on the phrase, "You Only Live Once." For children with parents who understand zero sarcasm, this is the song that will win their approval.

"We need love, not meaningless sex. You got a round butt? We're not impressed," croons the trio on the track "We Need Love." "I don't care that you're overweight. I see your soul and you look great." This may be the most comical song on the album. Using sarcasm, clichés about love and successfully getting the point across that they do have a heart. If Nicholas Sparks could rap, this song would be his first single.

"The Wack Album" also features artists such as Robyn, Kendrick Lamar, Solange, SNL comedian Kristen Wiig, Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, Pharrell, T-Pain, Too Short, Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong and Hugh Jackman.
Helping The Lonely Island give an incorrect definition of the use of a semicolon in the song cleverly titled "Semicolon," is Solange.

"These dudes is comic relief; Whoopi. And I'm the mother[explicit] monster; Cookie," The boys said in this song.
Moving right along with grammar, The Lonely Island one upped Fergie in the song titled "Spell it Out." Fergie can spell glamorous and fergalicious? Samberg can spell out almost an entire song.

"The Wack Album" is hilarious in all the right ways. It has obvious humor, sarcasm, offensive humor and makes a Frogger reference. This is a definite necessity for the college student's playlist. Plus, it's a great reminder of "The Golden Rule."