There are pieces of clothing and accessories that have stayed in the fashion industry for many years. It is one thing for a women to keep up with the trends of the time, but something completely different when you can look at a women and immediately know she has style because of the bag on her arm or the coat that covers her back.

Audrey Hepburn was one of the most famous actresses of her time, and still is an inspiration today. Not only was Hepburn an incredible actress, she also became a fashion icon through her roles on the big screen and in her everyday life. Hepburn changed what people thought of fashion and every woman then and now has looks to her when creating their own style.

A classic piece that Hepburn made infamous was the LBD, which is known as the little black dress. One of the most famous parts Hepburn played was in "Breakfast at Tiffany’s," where Hepburn played Holly Golightly, a classy prostitute hiding beneath the mask of society. The most iconic image of Hepburn in the film was of her in the little black dress with pearls draped around her neck. In this film, and in many fashion magazines following the movie, Hepburn gave life to the LBD. The little black dress has now become a necessity in the closets of all women because of Hepburn’s role in the movie. Hepburn made people want to wear the little black dress and inspired women to pull of the look without hesitation. Since the LBD became, and still is such an essential part of any woman’s wardrobe, it is clear to see that many actresses, like Hepburn, have a great deal of influence among ordinary women. Once Hepburn became incredibly famous and on the cover of many fashion magazines, every woman wanted to look like her. This shows how women desperately look up to women like Hepburn for fashion tips, among other things.

Another part of the classic wardrobe of Hepburn was simpler than most women would think. Usually, we consider actresses nowadays to be wearing something over the top or incredibly low key. However, Audrey Hepburn inspired women then and now to wear something in the middle. She wanted to look refined, yet casual. So, another signature style of hers was a simple outfit comprised of capris, a long sleeved or sleeveless shirt, and ballet flats. Once again, Hepburn creates looks that are very feminine, while remaining classic. Another reason so many women have been inspired by Audrey is because of the simplicity of her outfits. Any woman can wear a shirt and comfortable capris and look beautiful.

Hepburn was also one of few actresses that had put ballet flats on the map. Many refuse to wear any shoe but heels, but Hepburn set the change to flat footwear. Now, many women turn to designers, such as Tory Burch, for gorgeous, high-end flats, which was made possible by Hepburn. Her capris were also something new to women as well. They are obviously different than plain shorts, but have a more feminine touch than jeans usually do. Capris hug a woman’s body and allow a woman to show her body, rather than hide it like jeans sometimes do. Lastly, the simple shirt that Hepburn would usually pair with the capris and ballet flats finished the look without it being overdone. That was something very characteristic of Audrey Hepburn; she always kept her outfits simple and elegant.

Audrey Hepburn wore amazing clothing, but also added to the clothes with great accessories. One of the most famous accessories she wore was her pearl necklace, as seen in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The pearl necklace is timeless. But Hepburn wore pearls in a new way. She layered pearls on with her little black dress and also wore long strands, rather than a short strand simply adorning the neck. This is another way that Hepburn revives a classic look and creates it into something fresh again. Another unusual accessory that Hepburn wore many times and made famous were gloves. In Breakfast at Tiffany’s, she wore long gloves with the LBD that looked very elegant. This style has continued to inspire many actresses on the red carpet today. Also, another type of glove she would wear were red gloves, usually paired with a black trench coat. This pairing was so famous that it has showed up many years after she created the look, including in the movie "The Devil Wears Prada." Since Hepburn’s style still continues to appear in such recent movies, it shows what an impact that she has had on the fashion world.

Even though Audrey Hepburn is responsible for creating a style that many women now and then can be inspired by, a lot of the credit to dressing Hepburn must go to Hubert de Givenchy. Givenchy was a French designer who designed much of Hepburn’s wardrobe. Hepburn and Givenchy created a relationship when he designed her for much of the movie, "Sabrina," and after that, Hepburn only wanted Givenchy to design the clothes she wore. While Hepburn still had amazing taste and an eye for fashion, most of the credit for her style must go to the French designer whose brand remains one of the most luxe in the fashion industry. This shows that many actresses wear what they wear because of designers and stylists. For example, Rachel Zoe, a well-known stylist and new designer, dresses many Hollywood actresses, including Anne Hathaway and Jennifer Lawrence. When Jennifer Lawrence won the Academy Award for Best Actress, Rachel Zoe was responsible for putting her in that incredible Dior dress. Of course, the actresses must have the final say in what they appear in, but stylists and designers ultimately give them options to choose from.

There are many famous women who have touched the fashion world in many ways. Audrey Hepburn showed women what style really was, and created looks that are timeless. She showed women how to look feminine and not only to be trendy, but to have pieces that will last a lifetime and not just a season.