Coolato Gelato has been offering customers of downtown Knoxville a wide variety of gelato, desserts and entrees since July 2009. Considering the expansive menu options, there is something for every customer. During the summer, Coolato Gelato is the perfect place to cool down with a frozen treat.

Located at 524 South Gay Street between Regal Riveria and the French Market Crêperie, Coolato Gelato opened back in July of 2009. Coolato Gelato has the look and feel of a small café. The café is mostly decorated in various pinks, browns and cream. Coolato is a gelateria that sells not only gelato but things like coffee, pastries and paninis.

Gelato, which is also called Italian ice cream, is richer than ice cream with less than 50% of the butter and fat and half the calories of premium ice cream. Gelato is held at a higher temperature than ice cream, allowing it not to freeze hard and enhance the flavor.

According to their website, Coolato Gelato makes between 18 to 24 flavors daily. Flavors include things like key lime pie, birthday cake and pineapple as well as classics such as vanilla and chocolate. Coolato Gelato also uses traditional products imported from Italy. This gives Knoxville customers a taste of the Mediterranean country right in downtown Knoxville.

Despite the consistency difference between actual Italian gelato and Coolato's version, the latter is praised as being the closest thing to the former. The treat comes in three sizes; piccolo, mediano and grande. Piccolo and mediano can hold up to two flavors while grande can hold up to three. Coolato Gelato is also pet friendly, having dog friendly patios and they get free gelato when they bring their families.

In addition to gelato, they also serve homemade desserts to satisfy a sweet tooth. They make homemade treats such as biscotti and lemon ricotta cookies. Coolato also serves fruit tarts; topped with strawberries and blueberries, brownies, tiramisu and cannolis.

The cafe/restaurant also serves entrees like award winning soups, which are made homemade daily except during summertime, salads and panini's. Panini's are served with fresh fruit or tortellini pasta. The menu has a variety of delicious sandwiches such as roast beef and brie, three cheese spinach and smoked turkey, avocado and cherry tomato.

If you just need to stop in for a quick drink, Coolato has you covered. Coolato serves a number of drinks ranging from coffee, iced and hot, to Italian soda and Coke products. Smoothlatos are also available, which are made with yogurt, gelato and fresh fruit.

Coolato Gelato also has gift cards for customers who want to share the gift of gelato. For special occasions or just for fun, the downtown gelato restaurant also offers gelato cake made with the freshest ingredients. Cakes come in five inches, eight inches, 10 inches and 12 inches. However, a 48 hour notice is required for the cakes.

With such an assortment of gelatos, treats and entrees, customers have taken notice. Coolato Gelato has received a number of awards. For example, in 2010 and 2011, Coolato won the Official Italian Ice Cream for the Cooking Channel Truck Tour, 2011 Trip Advisor #1 Resturant in Knoxville and won the Metro Pulse Knoxville Best Ice Cream and Frozen Dessert in 2011, 2012 and 2013.

With it's attractive interior design juxtaposed with the colorful, mouth-watering flavors of gelato, Coolato Gelato is a perfect background for a summer fix of a frozen treat.