YouTube is an internet phenomenon of the past 10 years, and some students suggest it has become one of the most honest social networks in use today.

Founded in 2005, the site offers a way to upload original video and watch original video created by others. Each minute, 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube.

The big three of social media -- Facebook, Twitter and Instagram -- have taken over the internet and are clearly defined as social networks. Users of these websites post what they want people to know.

"On social networks like Facebook it's easy for someone to post what they want people to think and hide other parts of themselves," Brooke Carpenter said, sophomore in psychology. "It's completely controlled by the user."

Although it does not carry a strong definition of the average social network, senior in communications Patrick Tice said that Youtube is in fact the most reliable way to get to know a person through the internet.

"You can tell a lot about a person based on what they look at on YouTube," Tice said, also a band member of Johnny Astro and the Big Bang. "If you looked at mine you could tell that I like music."

More than 4 billion hours of Youtube are watched each month. From President Obama killing a fly to the now classic talent show performance "The Evolution of Dance," there is a video for every user. According to Carpenter, YouTube is entertaining as well as helpful in everyday life.

"I find it most helpful when I'm looking for clips of shows or movies for entertainment," Carpenter said. "It's also helpful when I am trying to learn how to do something. Like do it yourself videos and stuff like that."

Using YouTube as a way to gain recognition and catch the attention of fellow users is another helpful tool the video giant provides. Whether the account holder reviews a movie, tells a joke or sings a cover of a popular song, they are able to post their video to the website and gain views from internet users around the world.

"[People who post videos] use it as a way to express themselves," Carpenter said. "They don't do it for other people, but for their own love of doing it, because they are passionate about it."

Sharing interests in this way has paid off for well-known users Hannah Hart of My Drunk Kitchen and Jenna Mourey, who is known by her YouTube pseudonym Jenna Marbles. The comedian shares her insights to daily social conundrums and her efforts have garnered her more than 9 million subscribers on YouTube who get notified every time Marbles uploads a new video.

This also spreads to Marbles' other social networks accounts, where she has procured 1 million friends on Facebook and nearly 3 million followers on Twitter.

"My perspective is to think, 'I just have a lot of Internet friends,'" Marbles told the New York Times in April.

Possibly the biggest difference between YouTube celebrities and Hollywood celebrities is that the former are famous strictly because of being themselves.

"It's cool. [YouTube Celebrities] feel more real," Tice said. "It makes you feel like you can be like that."