In the tradition of art imitating life, one exhibit will reflect the concept of women in art.

The Visual Arts Committee and Women's Coordinating Council present the "Women's HERstory" exhibit.

The artistic expression of women will be featured in the UC Concourse gallery beginning March 6. Nine faculty members and five graduate students from the art, interior design and architecture departments will have their work displayed for students to view.

Shannon Herron, senior in studio art with a concentration in two-dimensional art and committee vice chair of exhibits for VAC, said the artists are not only expressing their views of female empowerment visually.

"We have asked each artist to write a short statement about what it means to them to be a female in the art/design world and if/how that has shaped their experience in any way," Herron said. "These short statements will be exhibited alongside each piece."

The art displayed will be two-dimensional in form and even a few "flat sculptures" will be available for view.

The concept behind the project is to exhibit the future of female artistry and those here on campus that work toward it.
April Bachtel, second-year graduate student in painting and drawing, is one of the artists whose work will be featured in the exhibit.

"As an artist, work that you make tends to be generally about you or issues or problems that you have and I think being a woman that comes out more whether you mean it to or not, it inherently does," Bachtel said. "I very much consider myself a painter, but I think if other people were to look at my work they'd call me a sculptor."

Bachtel first said that she proclaimed herself as an artist during her senior undergraduate year at Kent State University in Kent, Ohio. Some of her work includes cut and stained paper that occasionally holds an association with the body. With paintings she takes found fabrics and clothing and utilizes it as a canvas.

"Three years ago, I had that first moment where I was like, oh I can do this," Bachtel said. "When I was a younger student all the artists seemed amazing and so much better than me, but I started doing it."

Bachtel joined UT artists as well, and she hopes to be a part of the "HERstory" exhibit.

The "HERstory" month that the Women's Coordinating Council puts together each year is being done a little differently this time. In the past they have focused on women journalists and offer the role of female artists play in society this year.

"We were honored when Women's Coordinating Council approached us about cosponsoring some kind of event for 'Women's HERstory' month, and we wanted to put up an exhibition that the students could get excited about," Herron said.

"We played around with the idea of doing some kind of retrospective photographic exhibition of women's achievement at the university, but that's been done before," he said. "We wanted to create an exhibition that looks to the future of women's achievement -- not the past."

The exhibit will begin Wednesday, March 6 in the UC Concourse Gallery. A reception will be held Friday, March 15 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. and is open to all students.