The French Market Crêperie has been offering customers of the downtown Knoxville area healthy and affordable French delicacies since 2008. With a variety of menu options, the French Market has a little bit of everything to offer customers.

Located at 526 S. Gay St. near the Regal Riviera, the French Market first opened after Knoxville residents Susan and Allen Tate were inspired by a trip to France. They decided to share their French crêpe experience by opening the restaurant to offer customers the most authentic French culinary atmosphere. By using solid iron French crêpe burners and street vendor crêpe batter from France and practicing the most important technique of folding the crêpe instead of simply rolling it. 

To the Tates, it’s about offering Americans a taste of authentic French food that can be healthy yet still affordable.

“We hope to mostly offer customers a delicious dining experience," Susan Tate said.

Recently, the Crêperie has received praise for its gluten free buckwheat crêpes. Co-owner Susan Tate said they are very proud of their gluten free menu. One of her favorite dishes they offer is the vegetarian deluxe crêpe, which is offered on a buckwheat crêpe with fresh baby spinach, tomatoes, avocado, artichoke hearts and Swiss cheese. It’s a healthy yet affordable dish that doesn’t hold any flavor back.

The French Market also offers gluten free options in dessert with gluten free macaroons. Savory crêpes can be made into a gluten free snack. A sweet crêpe that is also a European tradition is the Nutella crêpe. Melted chocolate mixed with hazelnuts is placed on a buckwheat crêpe and topped with whipped cream to complete this gluten free treat.

Kayley Davis, a sophomore in psychology, has been to France and hopes to eat at the French Market soon. She said her father has been there several times and boasts about the healthy options they offer.

“Their menu has many appealing healthy options for not only sweet but also savory crêpes," Davis said.

The French Market not only sells food but also offers unique products handcrafted in France. They have specials on their products occasionally.

After opening in 2008, Susan Tate said she enjoys the people-aspect of owning a business.

"I enjoy the regular customers and it’s fun to meet new people," she said.

Reflecting on her travel to France, Davis said she often ordered simple crêpes and appreciates that she can enjoy them here in Knoxville.

“The simplicity of the crêpe is what makes it special,” Davis said. “I would love it if more places in the U.S. would offer them. It’s so convenient with it (the French Market) being only a few minutes away from me.”