Among the eateries on campus — from dining halls to sandwich places — one restaurant is attempting to serve food promoting a greener lifestyle. 

Field of Greens, located on the third floor of the UC, sells fresh and healthy wraps and salads.  

Alexa Kavanaugh, freshman in nutrition, said she loves the restaurant's healthy options.

“I love Field of Greens because ... their food is one of the few healthier eating options on campus,” Kavanaugh said.

Kavanaugh said her favorite menu item is the summertime strawberry wrap. 

"I love this wrap because it has all of my favorite ingredients that I think make up a good salad,” Kavanaugh said. “I used to go eat there for lunch every two to three days, but now I go maybe once every two weeks.”

Hannah Olsen, a freshman in nursing and another regular customer, said she enjoys the diversity the restaurant brings. 

“The summertime strawberry wrap is amazing, but I also love Field of Greens because it is different than something you could get at PCB dining hall, Smokey’s or Rocky Top,” Olsen said.

Olsen said she heard about the restaurant from a friend and she is happy the restaurant has gained popularity. 

“I didn’t really understand what it was at first," Olsen said. "Now I’m a big fan. It used to be a best kept secret on campus, but now it is very well known.”

Even though Olsen does not want the line to grow longer, she said that she would recommend this place to other students. 

“The food is good, the people there are very nice, and you can use a meal equivalency there,” Olsen said.

Field of Greens employee Bridget Graham said the ingredients are all natural.

“I actually make the hummus and the cream cheese spread that is included in some of the wraps,” Graham said. “This is a much better option for students because it is way healthier for students.”

Graham said some of the popular items are the summertime strawberry wrap and the buffalo chicken ranch wrap.

Many of the wraps are similar to the salads. If a student wants a light meal, the summertime strawberry wrap and the All-American veggie wrap are less heavy options. There are more hearty choices, such as the buffalo chicken ranch wrap and the chicken ceasar wrap. With every wrap a student can choose homemade chips or fruit.

Students can also use their meal plan there. A wrap or salad is around $6 and ends up being around $2 cash when used with a meal plan. Field of Greens is open Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.