The new laugh-out-loud film filled with jokes and humor, "21 & Over," is a must see movie for all comedy lovers. Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, who both directed and wrote the film, and also wrote the popular "Hangover" films, make their directorial debut with this film. The movie centers around three guys who have been best friends for years, and as one of them turns 21 they end up celebrating his birthday with an insane night of drinking and crazy mishaps.

"21 & Over" follows Miller (Miles Teller), Casey (Skylar Astin) and Jeff Chang (Justin Chon) as they go out to celebrate Chang's 21st birthday. Chang is a straight-edge student who plans on going to medical school. As Chang has a big medical school interview the following day, Jeff's friend Miller decides that he should loosen up and enjoy a night of partying beforehand.

The night begins with the three guys at a bar, where they briefly reminisce on old times and talk about how long they have been friends. Miller mentions the summer music festival that he wants them all to attend. Casey, a student who plans on working in the corporate world in New York City, meets a young woman named Nicole (Sarah Wright) at the bar. They mingle briefly before Casey is dragged away from her by Miller and Chang. They had simultaneously gotten into an argument with another guy, Randy (Jonathan Keltz), who is later found out to be Sarah's boyfriend.

As the three friends continue to bar hop, Chang becomes increasingly intoxicated. Soon, the guys do not know where they are or where Chang lives, but he has to be home by 7 a.m. the next morning, so they begin a mission to find out where his lives. Nicole is a friend of Chang's, so Miller and Casey set out to find her sorority house in hopes that she will be there and they can ask her where Chang lives. After mistakenly going to the wrong sorority house and breaking in, the guys must deal with an angry Latina sorority for the rest of the night, but they eventually find Nicole at her sorority house.

Nicole tells them to ask her boyfriend, Randy, as he is a cheerleader and has everyone's address on the campus. After they find Randy, more drama and hilarious incidents occur. Eventually Miller and Casey find out about how Chang has a lot of secrets that they never expected. The movie continues with many hilarious situations, and Chang eventually begins to open up to his friends and family about his inner feelings. The film also wraps up nicely and ends on a positive note.

If you are looking for an awesome movie that is guaranteed to bring the laughs, then opt for "21 & Over.