Every year, Billboard Magazine hosts the Billboard Music Awards. Taking place in Las Vegas' MGM Grand, this live event has a guest list that includes all the top artists in popular music who topped the charts within the past year. In theory, the award show is a good idea, but every year without fail, its execution is like watching a train wreck.

The two plus hour long awards show is tedious and annoying, and extremely loud. Only a handful of actual awards were given on stage with the live cameras rolling, and the rest of the show consisted of unnecessarily flamboyant performances and loud music, which was not enjoyable.

This year's Billboard Music Awards exemplifies just how corrupt the music business has become. I found myself watching the award show on a summer Sunday night, yawning through the performances and laughing at the immature behavior of the artists. Also, I was eagerly waiting for the horrific on-stage, embarrassing moment I knew would come.

It happens every year: something terrible happens in front of a sold out arena and millions of people who are watching at home. This year's incident, Miguel's not quite stage jump where he basically sat on someone's face, caused an eruption of internet memes and dubbed videos making fun of the R&B singer within minutes of his performance.

Miguel's crotch accident aside, since when did music award shows become focused on celebrity drama rather than the actual music? Time and time again, musicians show immature behavior towards their peers, whether it be their words or their actions. Note: Kid Rock's drunken, slurred voice when he said "Let's give it up for people lip-synching under pre-recorded music," and Justin Bieber's response to some booing from the audience, saying "I'm an artist and I should be taken seriously."

Has the music industry suddenly become high school? Since when is all this petty, immature behavior tolerated in one of the biggest industries in the world? These artists (well, at least some of them) produce music that gets played all around the world with millions of people listening. Without those people, these so-called musicians would be living normal lives like the rest of us, before their big breaks. So, naturally, these musicians thank their fans by acting like fools on live television.

Their personal lives, I believe, should always be personal. And that goes for everyone. But when a musician knows they are attending a live broadcasted awards show, basic etiquette should include their very best, least offensive behavior (that goes for you, too, Kanye).

Back in the 60s and 70s, music award shows were pleasant to watch, almost like a family affair. Parents and children alike could watch their favorite performers on TV and gawk at the dresses on the red carpet. Now, it's more like watching a bomb waiting to explode.

But what caused this? Is it the advanced access to internet that let's everyone feel like they can say anything and get away with it, like a delete button? Is it the massive interest in celebrities' lives and who they're dating? Could it all be blamed on reality television and almost every celebrity having one these days? Who knows. With these things you can never pinpoint one exact factor. But if you ask me, it's all in the artist's hands. They control their own actions.

Maybe Kid Rock was right, maybe all the performances were lip-synched, I wouldn't doubt it. And maybe J Biebz was simply standing up for himself and expressing his own opinion, no rule against that. But I believe there is a limit to everything, and you're crossing the line when you do it in front of tons of people, including fans, that look up to you and enjoy your music.

In some ways, Billboard put on a great show. It did not fail to entertain, I'll give them that. I feel as though they deliberately picked controversial guests and purposely made an awards show into a concert and not an awards show. Ultimately, I would advise them to put the focus on the music, because that's what they're awarding in the first place. I think.