As a cappella groups continue to gain popularity around the world, The Swingle Singers will bring their Grammy Award-winning show to the Cox Auditorium in Alumni Memorial Building Sunday night at 6 p.m.

Dr. Angela L. Batey, Associate Dean in the College of Arts and Sciences, said this event is part of the year-long celebration of the opening of the Natalie L. Haslam Music Center, and said she believes that the students will benefit from attending.

"This group is easily the highest profile choral group we have ever had on campus," Batey said. "They are easily one of the most famous choral ensembles in the world."

This world-renowned a cappella vocal group, originally formed in 1963 by Ward Swingle, is made up of current members Joanna Goldsmith-Eteson, Sara Brimer, Clare Wheeler, Oliver Griffiths, Christopher Jay, Kevin Fox and Edward Randell.

The Swingle Singers have performed on some of the world's most famous stages, been included on soundtracks from "Sex and the City" and "Glee," won five Grammy Awards, and made more than 50 recordings.

The group performs a variety of genres, including folk ballads, funk jams, classical, jazz and covers of pop songs. They also offer different shows, from the a cappella programs "Voice Fusion" and "Classic Reinventions" to other programs that include an orchestra.

While the School of Music prepares for the event, Sara Brimer, a soprano vocalist in the Swingle Singers, said she is looking forward to traveling to Knoxville, which she describes as one of her favorite places.

Brimer was born and raised in East Tennessee and attended ETSU where she studied Music Education. She said she began touring with the group in January 2009 and explained that the experience has taught her many skills she did not expect to gain.

"We are a business and we run ourselves, each having different jobs within," Brimer said. "I have taken on the jobs of lighting design, educational head, printing of music and minute taking for business meetings. I am on the marketing team, and I have arranged one song and written another.

"The job is not just singing and traveling; those are the perks."

Brimer explained that The Swingle Sisters are an a cappella group. She said the audience should expect to be mainly hearing and seeing the seven voices on stage.

"Swingles have always had a pretty distinct sound," she said. "As a group we focus on blend and working as one unit."

Brimer said the sound of the group is the quality of chart topping hits with a more personal feel.

"Take the vocal groups that are topping the charts today and soften their sound just a bit, add intimacy as well as a groovy beat," Brimer said. "Expect some songs you've never heard and some that are old favorites.

"Come with an open mind and a love for singing and you will leave happy."

Admission is free for the event.