With the holidays approaching, students are beginning to decide exactly what they should put on their holiday gift wish list.

Arguably the biggest decision this year for students is deciding to get Sony's Playstation 4 or Microsoft's Xbox One.

"Personally, I'm going to go with the Xbox One," said Benjamin Reynolds, a local employee at Packard's Games & Movies.

Reynolds said what attracts him the most to the Xbox One is the variety of things you can do besides just simply gaming.

The PS4 tends to be for people who typically care just about the gaming experience, whereas the Xbox One supporters love the entertainment of media apps along with their gameplay. Xbox's online community was also much larger for the 360 compared to the Playstation 3.

What's new for both of these systems is the new feature of voice control. A person can simply turn on their system by telling it aloud to turn on, in addition to telling it other tasks. The Xbox One goes even further, as a user can use hand motions to go through the system's menu.

"This voice control system might be scary for people who are a little paranoid," Reynolds said. "But if it really bothers someone, they can always unplug it."

In terms of graphics, the Xbox One and PS4 are essentially equal. Reynolds said the PS4 does have a better processing system, which allows for higher quality graphics, but game developers probably will not create games that live up to PS4 potential, simply due to the fact that the software game companies use is not working on that level of quality yet.

Initially, the Xbox One had a terrible reputation when news about it first leaked. Developers had the idea that once a person bought the game, it could only be shared on their system. However, after gamers heard this, many complained, and Xbox One threw that idea out the window, which has led people to return to the Xbox.

As far as pricing goes, the Xbox One will be run around $500, whereas the PS4 will run for about $400. Reynolds predicted the PS4 will actually be sold more this year in comparison with the Xbox, simply due to the cheaper price.

But it's important for gamers to know this year, online play will not be free for the PS4. Users will have to purchase a subscription for online use, just like the Xbox.

The PS4's recent release had a successful launch at Reynolds' store – after just one hour of the store being open, the PS4 completely sold out.

"There's definitely going to be a strong demand for both systems around the holidays this year," Reynolds said.

The Xbox One will be released on Nov. 22, and the customers who camp out will be just as intense as for the PS4's release, Reynolds said.

"I've been an Xbox guy my entire life," said George Butler, a senior in biochemical and cellular and molecular biology, "and I have no reason to change my satisfaction and loyalty."

Students on campus tend to be more supportive of the Xbox One, simply because of the large online community Xbox has had in previous years. Some students, such as David Novinger, a senior in finance, pledged their loyalty to the Xbox.

"If my parents got me a PS4 when I asked them for a Xbox," Novinger said. "I would still do everything possible just to get an Xbox One."